Action Figure Barbecue! You bring the jello mold!

Barbecue17 humbly invites you to Action Figure Barbecue!


     Special thanks to my man Brad for inviting me to be a part of ThEpicReview!  In trying to cover all things Epic on his Blog, Brad realized that there would be a severe deficiency in regards to coverage of action figures, toys, and other nonsense, so that's where I come in. I'm Barbecue17 and I'm an action figure junkie collector.  And a darn fine one at that, I might add.  You know all those cool toys from your childhood you wish you'd kept?  Guess what, I kept mine.  You know all those cool figures you see online and wish you owned?  Guess what, I own them.  You know all those long and lonely nights you wish you could spend sitting around with your toy collection, curled up next to a wood buring fireplace because the power company turned off your electric since you chose to spend your last $100 dollars on a Lego castle and the 134th Batman figure to add to your collection, staring longingly into the eyes of your vintage Castle Grayskull?  I've been there son, and I wrote the book on it.

    That being said, let me invite you to stop by the ThEpicReview for hot and fresh servings of action figure reviews and toy industry ramblings.  In the next few days I'll be covering some new action figure and toy releases, covering my 10 favorite toys of 2012, and much more! 

In the comments section, feel free to let me know your thoughts on what toys you would like to see covered on Action Figure Barbecue.  Otherwise, it's going to be all 90's era Spawn figures, all the time!

When not hanging out at ThEpicReview, Barbecue17 spends his time writing action figure and toy reviews on Amazon: Barbecue17's Amazon reviews


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