Action Figure Barbecue: Thursday Weekly Review Update

Hey everyone!

As I've already mentioned in my introductory post and on the podcast, I really like to do action figure and toy reviews on so check out all of my reviews there. If you're curious, here are a few reasons why I like to put my reviews on Amazon:

1. Amazon is a huge site that has millions of people checking it out. It ensures that reviews have a chance to get read by both collectors and parents looking for good toys for their kids.
2. Amazon is an online marketplace where people can actually purchase the product they are reading reviews of at any given time. I like the idea of educating buyers before they make a purchase.
3. While it has some flaws, Amazon does have a decent feedback and commenting system for reviewers. I can check everyday how many people have left comments on reviews or found my reviews helpful.

This week I've reviewed:

Ivan Drago (pre-fight) from "Rocky" by NECA     (5 out of 5 stars)- Confirmed EPIC!!

     Neca's Rocky line was one of my favorite action figure lines of 2012. Beautiful sculpting and excellent, well thought out articulation really made these figures come alive. It's like having a mini Dolph Lundgren on your shelf!
He must break your toys

Dog Pound from "TMNT" by Playmates Toys  (4 out of 5 stars)

   Despite being a little weak in articulation and having some paint issues, Dog Pound is still a fun, massive mutant for your TMNT collection. 
Who let Dog Pound out?
As always, I'll be working on more throughout the next week so keep checking my Amazon review page and ThEpicReview blogspot for more action figure reviews!  If you like my reviews, feel free to leave me some good feedback or comments as well!-Jerry Reed lead contributor


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