Action Figure Barbecue: Weekly Review Update

Back in action, baby!!
Here's a brief summary of the reviews you can find this week on my Amazon review page: Barbecue17's Amazon reviews!

Fish Face (TMNT, Playmates Toys)

Try him with custard!

While this TMNT line is geared towards kids, that doesn't mean old school TMNT fans won't like him! This guy has a perfect style that really harkens back to the absurdity and wackiness of the vintage line.  He fits right in.


The Penguin (Batman Unlimited, Mattel)

Pictured here: The World's Strongest Umbrella

This is a great Penguin figure that is in scale with all of your DC Universe Classics figures. He really emulates the art (pictured above) perfectly.  If you like your villains portly and garish, look no further!


Netossa (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)

Her name's Netossa.  She's tosses nets.  Are you following this?

Netossa is a gorgeous figure and was the January 2013 Club Eternia subscription figure. Hailing from the She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon (and vintage toy line) Netossa adds some needed muscle to the ranks of the Great Rebellion.


Businessman (Lego Minifigures: Series 8, Lego)

Only the computer in the background dates this picture.
Who doesn't want a greedy little businessman running around their Lego town?  The Businessman is a fun little minifigure from Lego's blind bagged minifigure line.  I guarantee he'll be in the 1% of your toy collection.


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