Blu Review: Here comes the boom (4 out of 5)

Kevin James brings the Boom!

     Last Fall when Here comes the boom hit theaters I easily dismissed it, immediately labeling it as a Kevin James comedic version the great MMA film The Warrior that was released in 2011.  After a family member rented Here comes the boom from a local video store (Yes some places still have those believe it or not), and pleaded with me to check it out I finally gave in figuring what was the worst that could happen? The results after the break.....

Wait, you're telling me if i train you to take a beating, I can become an American?

     Here comes the boom sets up pretty quick with a very simple premise.  A school like most of them these days is struggling financially, and needs to make considerable budget cuts.  In order to do so, the High School decides to cut the music program, and music instructor Marty's (Henry Winkler) job along with it. Then comes along Scott Voss (Kevin James), a former teacher of the year back in 2002 who has since become burn out on teaching and the educational system in general.  Mr. Voss feels bad for Marty because he just recently found out the 67 year old music teacher is surprisingly expecting a child.  James's character set's out to raise $48,000 dollars needed to save the music program, but the school doesn't seem to be behind him only Ms. Flores (Salma Hayek), and Marty seem willing to help.  Mr. Voss then decides to teach a citizenship class to pick up a few bucks, this is where he meets Niko (Bas Rutten) a Holland immigrant and former UFC fighter who is trying to become a United States Citizen.  Soon after their initial meeting Niko and Mr. Voss strike a deal: James will tutor Niko for the citizenship test, if Niko will train him in MMA so he can raise the cash for his school fighting resulting in a truly interesting, entertaining, and inspiring journey that unfolds through out the course of the film

Any good teacher, would take a few punches for their students, right?

     Surprisingly enough it isn't the comedy of Kevin James that makes this film go, it is the heart of the journey his character takes over the course of the film.  We see James go from a burnt out teacher, to someone who is willing to risk his life in order to help out his school.  I guess I just wasn't expecting this type of character growth and development out of Here comes the boom, but it works really well! James also begins to impact and inspire others as his journey unfolds.  People like his brother Eric Voss (Gary Valentine, best known for playing James's cousin Danny on the King of Queens) a burnt out painter and family man who is inspired to realize his dream of becoming a Chef.  Or Malia a young Filipino student (played by pop singer Charice) who is inspired to pursue her music and education rather than work as a cook at her father's restaurant.  Most of all James inspires himself rekindling his passion for teaching, and in turn accomplishing the job of any good teacher and inspiring his student's .  

Great teachers inspire their student's, but sometimes they need a little inspiration themselves!

     Inspiring is exactly what Here comes the boom is! The film pushes you to pursue your dreams, and do the best you can to help others along the way.  As cliche as that sounds, it plays out pretty well for a film you expected just to be a typical Kevin James comedy.  Don't worry the comedic relief of James is their, but in a subtle way so that it doesn't outshine the true message of the film.  Which is finding your passion and pursuing it! 


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