Is 2013 officially the year Summer blockbuster season starts in Winter?

Superheros movies aren't just for Summer any more

     It used to be in Hollywood that the biggest tent pole franchises were reserved For Summer (May 1st to Labor Day), and the holiday season (November 1st to New Years day).  Over the past several years many blockbusters have been releasing earlier in year, and to big openings, just last year The Hunger Games releasing on March 23rd raked in a $155 million in it’s opening weekend alone.  It seems that the success of the Hunger Games had a major impact on the overall release schedule in early 2013 and beyond.  Studios are now choosing to release Films that in years past would have been definite Summer blockbuster releases like what Disney/Marvel are doing with 2014’s Captain America the Winter soldier choosing to release it in April rather than Summer like its predecessor.  While this New Year- long Summer movie season seems to be the new trend in tinsel town, one could argue that 2013 is the first year we have seen so many quality releases this early.  The proof in the form of the Summer quality releases that aren't actually being released this Summer after the break… 

Yippe Ki Yay Happy Valentines Day!
February 14th : Die Hard 5: A Good day to Die Hard hit’s on Valentine’s Day, every previous Die Hard film 1-4 was released during the Summer. In fact Die Harder and A Good day to Die hard both released on 4th of July Weekend one of the most coveted spots of Summer Movie season.  However now you can watch John McLane, blow things up and yell Yippee Ki Yay with your sweetie on Valentine’s Day.

Bryan Singer and Giants aren't even good enough to warrant a Summer Release these days!

March 1st : Jack the Giant Slayer: previously titled Jack the Giant Killer this film was originally scheduled for release during Summer movie season last year (June 15 2012), but Warner Bros. thought the film would do better in the Spring so they delayed the film until March 1, 2013 in order to market it during a less crowded time at the multiplex (Didn't they hear Summer movie season is year round now?).  Bryan Singers first film since 2006’s Superman returns would seem like a sure summer release, but not now days.  

You have to give Rami and company props it takes Ball's to take on this franchise!

March 8th : Oz the Great and the powerful: Sam Rami’s Wizard of Oz prequel has the be the most telling proof on this list that Summer movie season is her now people! In years past this would have probably been a prime Memorial Day weekend release, but after the success Disney had with 2010’s Alice in Wonderland releasing in March and ultimately grossing over a Billion dollars, it seems like Disney can count on paving their own yellow brick road out of pure gold. 

The end of President Eckhart's administration may not be as big of a deal to movie goers as it would have in the 90's!

March 22nd: Olympus has fallen: If this were still the 1990’s there is little doubt that Olympus has fallen would be opening 4th of July Weekend, but now a days the potential fall of the greatest Nation on Earth just seems like more of an occasion for an quite afternoon in March. 

This Joe film has to be better than the 2009 original Summer release right?

March 29th: GI Joe Retaliation: Even the Rock as Road block and Bruce Willis as the original Joe weren't enough to keep Paramount from delaying GI Joe 2 from 4th of July weekend 2012 to March 29, 2013.  We just have to hope that the delays were made to actually improve the film, rather than just for 3D post conversion so Paramount and Hasbro can pad their wallets.  

I'm pumped for any Evil Dead film that Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell are involved in remake or not!

April 6th: The Evil Dead remake: Normally horror remakes aren't potential Summer blockbuster quality, but with Sam Rami leaving Oz just in time to produce along with Bruce Campbell this remake looks to be the exception to the rule.  Anyone who has seen the red band trailer can testify that this looks like a faithful adaptation of the all time horror classic, with a little added flare of extreme gore and violence that will hopefully fulfill all Evil Dead fans wildest dreams nightmares!

Cruise VS. Freeman, need I say more!

April 12th : Oblivion: Tom Cruise the man that used be Mr. Summer Blockbuster starring in films like Top Gun and Days of Thunder can now be seen on the big screen in early April. Even Cruise squaring off against Morgan Freeman in the future wasn't enough to get Universal to release this film during the height of Summer movie season!

A magazine article, really?

April 26th: Pain and Gain: Michael Bay has directed some of the highest grossing Summer blockbusters ever with the Transformers franchise (Hey I didn't say they were good movies).  So you think a Michael Bay film with The Rock and Mark Wahlberg would be prime territory for a Summer release.  I guess when your film is based on a magazine article about God knows what, what more can you expect?

     While the preceding list of films may be Summer blockbuster quality they are by no means a substitute for the Iron Man 3’s or the Man of Steel’s of the world coming our way from May through August.  It is however interesting to look forward to these quality movies that major studios are banking on to bring in blockbuster type cash early in the year, and the impact they will have on future studio release schedules.  Based off the preceding list I think it’s safe to say starting with A Good Day to Die hard on Valentine’s Day, Summer movie season 2013 is unofficially here!


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