The ever untangling "Webb" of the Amazing Spiderman 2

Marc Webb is a lot less reliable than Venom's webbing pictured above when it comes to telling coherent  Spidey stories!

     Rumors began flying from the set of The Amazing Spiderman 2 recently, that another iconic Spidey villain could be joining the already crowded cast of baddies.  Apparently speculation has led many to be believe that none other than Venom will join Electro (Jamie Foxx) and Rhino (Paul Giamatti) as one of the villains in the Marc Webb Sequel.

     The fact that Venom could appear on the film isn't even the most interesting thing about the current speculation, but rather what character will play him.  At this point it looks like it will be none other than Harry Osborn who will be portrayed by Dane Dehann of Chronicle fame.  When I first heard the rumor a couple things come to mind. 1. Remember how bad ass Dehann was as a baddie in Chronicle? I bet he could play pretty imposing Venom, and 2. Why is Harry Osborn Venom, and not Eddie Brock?  The idea of Harry Osborn as Venom has been pissing Spidey fans off ever since last year’s so called "Ultimate" Spiderman carton on Disney XD.  The dynamic between Peter Parker and Eddie Brock is something that spins into the Venom character so well, which is basically Jealousy reincarnate.  Whereas the dynamic between Pete and his best friend Harry Osborn and his eventual turn to the Green Goblin is built on betrayal based on Harry's father Norman Osborn’s death by Spiderman.  If the themes fit these characters so well, why does Webb feel the need to meddle to the point of possible failure at the character level?

Let's just hope Marc Webb's attempt to make Harry Venom doesn't fail as terribly as it did in Disney's Ultimate Spiderman cartoon!
     On the other end of the argument, the idea of Harry Osborn as Venom is a fascinating one.  Who better to pose that ultimate threat to Peter Parker than his best friend? While the concept was delivered horribly in the Ultimate Spiderman TV series perhaps Webb on the shoulders of another great performance from Dane Dehaan can pull it off.  At this point movie audiences may be experiencing Goblin fatigue, and perhaps Sony thinks the best answer is to finally give audiences the Venom they deserve. 

Surely Sony's latest attempt at Venom will end up better than this?!
     If Venom is in the Amazing Spiderman 2 or 3 I only hope it as a result of hopefully strong work that Alex Krutzman and Robert Orci have put in at the script level, rather than Sony trying to make up for their botched attempt at the characters portrayal in Spiderman 3.  The fact is that Marc Webb already has his work cut out for him.  It seems in a film where they have to introduce The Rhino, Electro, Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, and presumably Norman Osborn that Sony might be spinning there Webb just a little too thin!


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