Cool Kickstarter Campaign: Grabit Robot Multipurpose Holder

    If, like 73.6 % of Americans*, you wake up everyday wishing that you had a small robot around to perform various household chores for you such as holding your toothbrush, organizing your pens, and keeping your favorite spatula in line, then do I have a Kickstarter campaign for you!  Created by Leo and Angie Fajardo, the Grabit is just the robot you need to help out around your house.  Here's the link to the project, with more info and pictures after the break!

*Completely made up statistic

The Grabit will help you prepare soup just like an astronaut.

   The Grabit is modeled as a loving tribute to vinyl art toys but it also has the functional ability to hold whatever you want, whenever you want it held.  It looks like a very cute robot with a minimalist style (the shape of the head reminds me of Twiki from Buck Rogers) and is available in 5 colors: light blue, red, yellow, light green, and white.  As a soon to be parent, I'm already thinking of some cool ways that the Grabit coule be implemented into a child's bedroom (I suppose he could hold rattles and teething rings).

I think Colonel Mustard did it on the Toy Shelf with his giant, crushing Claws! 
     The Grabit can be ordered for $30 for one, $125 for an entire family of five, or if you're willing to pledge $1000 (only one available) you can get an entire family of five Grabits plus the original concept oil painting.  The Fajardo's are only about $1300 away from their goal so if this little guy appeals to you, jump in and grab him now. The sale ends April 7th with an estimated delivery date of July 2013.  Once again, check out the Kickstarter project or Trinkits Design for more info.

Robot!  Finish my thesis for me!


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