Comic Review: Nova #1 (Confirmed: Great 1/2)

Nova #1 written by: Jeph Loeb, with art by: Ed McGuinnees, and inked by: Dexter Vines

     Over the past year or so Marvel has put a major emphasis on the cosmic aspect of it's universe in not only comics, but in television and film as well.  Near the front of Marvel's cosmic initiative, right behind The Guardians of the Galaxy, has been the cosmic character of Nova.  The new Nova soared on to the Marvel comics scene last year in the blockbuster event Avengers Vs. X-men. He is also a regular on Disney XD's Ultimate Spiderman cartoon and is even rumored to be a part of Marvel/Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy film next summer.  With Nova's impact being felt in all areas of the Marvel brand it was only a matter of time before he received his own comic, which he did in the form of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness's  new book simply entitled: 'Nova' as part of the Marvel Now publishing initiative.  So was Nova #1 out of this galaxy ? Find out after the break.....

Green Lantern may be the most epic space cop of all time, but Marvel's Nova is something a little bit different!

Before you ever get into the 1st panel of Nova #1 odds are you have one of two thoughts: #1: Wow! This sounds like a really interesting premise for a new series, or #2:  There is only one comic book space cop out there and this guy is just the kiddie rip off version of Green Lantern.  While you will get no argument from this Marvel fan boy that the Green Lantern is the premiere space cop in all of comics, do your self a favor and give this new Nova a chance!

You find out pretty early on, this ain't your Grandpa's Nova Corps!

Although Nova #1 is the start of an origin story, this first issue is action packed throughout thanks to Loeb's clever setup which features Jesse Alexander, the father of our eventual Nova Sam, retelling his adventures in the Nova corps in the form of flash backs to Sam and his sister Kaelynn.   When reality sets in, however, we realize the original Nova Jesse, who now resides in Care Free Arizona with his family, is nothing more than a washed up alcoholic janitor at his son Sam's high school.  A janitor who never seems to be there when the toilets need cleaning, choosing rather to focus on his glory days as Nova over a bottle of liquor.  It's so bad in fact that many times Sam has to cover his dad's toilet duty.  One day when his father goes missing Sam literally stumbles upon the fact that maybe his dad's Nova stories weren't bullshit after all, resulting in his first meeting with Rocket Racoon and Gamora of the Guardian's of the Galaxy and concluding the first issue of this series.

Nova, meet Rocket Raccoon and Gamora. Yeah, they're just Guardians of the Galaxy!

Nova isn't the easiest book to write but Loeb nails it from the get go by establishing exactly what he wants his version of the Nova Corps to be: not Green Lantern space cops, but rather Marvel's version of Seal Team 6!  Combine that with the fact that this story seems to know what it wants to be and where it wants to go, add Ed McGuinness's cinematic like art which is only aided by the best inker in the business: Dexter Vines,  who has a knack for making the comics he inks pop like well shot blockbusters, and it's easy too see why Marvel has one of it's strongest new #1's since Marvel Now started!

It's always good to have a Nova on your side when planning to battle Thanos!
Nova is one of the titles along with: Avengers, New Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the new Thanos rising mini series that is going to be the back bone of the Marvel Universe over the next couple of years.  These titles are going to lead in to one of the biggest Marvel events of all time: 'Infinity' which will put the Marvel U against probably it's biggest baddie of all, Thanos, starting in August.  Nova is one of the titles that current Marvel mastermind Johnathon Hickman chose to be a part of his grand 3 year plan, of which Infinity will be only be act one of.  The fact that Hickman and Marvel put that much stock into the Nova series is right on par with the kind of treatment this title got, which was a nearly EPIC one that makes it more than worth checking out! In closing it is important to point out that starting with Nova #6 in July, Loeb and McGuinness will be leaving Nova and will be replaced by the new creative team of Zeb Wells (Writer) and Paco Medina (Artist). Considering Zeb Well's work on Spiderman was one of the best parts of the beloved Big Time run, Nova fans can probably expect this title to remain out of this galaxy good!

An early peak at the look of Paco Medina's Nova.


  1. Cool review and I totally agree with everything that is said, in fact I said pretty much most of the same stuff in my own review of issues 1 & 2 of this series over on my new review blog

    I am really looking forward to getting Nova #3


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