First Look at Mattel's Movie Masters Superman from Man of Steel

     Head on over to Big Boys Toys Advocate and check out an early look at Mattel's Movie Masters Superman from the upcoming Man of Steel figure.  The writer of that site gives a great review of the figure which looks perfectly in scale with the Dark Knight Movie Masters.  It also looks like Superman comes with a cool display base (although the set the author takes his pictures on seems pretty epic in it's own right.)  A few thoughts from me after the break...

A few brief thoughts-

---  I hate to see the ab crunch go, as I think it would have given him some better flying poses.

+ I like the colors. Still classic but nicely muted for a real world aesthetic.

+ The head sculpt looks better the more you see it in different angles.

--- While Mattel has fumbled their last few attempts at including Build a figure/item pieces (by making somepieces too darn hard to get) I still hate not seeing anything here. The base is nice, but an accessory wouldn't go unappreciated, either.


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