Introducing a non-fan to Masters of the Universe, from a non-fan


        Have you ever tried to introduce someone to Masters of the Universe?  With an upcoming movie in the works, there's no time like the present to do just that.  Where did you start?  Were you successful in peaking the person’s interest?  There are so many different places to start from—is there a good jumping off point?  Read my thoughts on the subject after the break.

I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore MOTU fan.  I’m more the my-husband-is-really-into-it-so-I’ve-learned-a-lot-about-it kind.  I vaguely remember watching the Filmation He-Man and She-Ra cartoons when I was young, and that was it for me until I met Barbecue17.  He wanted to “re-familiarize” me with MOTU, and so we watched through the MYP 200x cartoon.  And you know what?  It worked.  Here’s why I think this is a great place to start.

My child-hood Masters of the Universe experience. 

First of all, the MYP series has an origins story unlike the Filmation He-Man series or the 1987 movie.  The mini-comic that came with the original toys back in 1982 (for those who kept it or have been able to track it down) has its own origins story that leaves Adam out completely, and when the newer comics get around to doing an origins story, it’s not told in a way that easily explains the story to a newcomer.  Therefore, the MYP series seems the best place to gain an understanding of why Prince Adam has the Power Sword.  

Prince Adam's first transformation into He-Man in the MYP series.

The MYP series is also the only place to find a good historical and mythological background in place.  Understanding the background of Eternia adds some depth to the series and makes it more interesting.  Things like seeing flashbacks of Randor and Keldor in their younger days or understanding where the power behind the Power Sword comes from brings more to the series and makes it more real.
In my opinion, the MYP series can also be taken a bit more seriously than the Filmation series or the movie.  It lacks the campiness that the Filmation series is so well known for (I realize I may have struck a chord with some here, but campiness just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea), and, let’s face it, the movie is just downright ridiculous at times.  Someone unfamiliar with MOTU is probably not going to be enticed by a Filmation character named Fisto or Dolph Lundgren’s mullet.  I sure wasn’t.  

Dolph Lundgren is... the Master of the Mullet!

            I’m not saying the MYP series is the only way to introduce someone to MOTU, or that no one in their right minds would enjoy the Filmation series or the movie without already having an appreciation for MOTU.  But I do think that the MYP series is the best place to gain a full understanding of the characters and of the mythology behind Eternia.  You can agree with me or not.  Either way, you have the power!

You.  Having the power.


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