Cool Kickstarter Project: Sci-Fi Wargaming Accessories

     While we usually cover toys and action figure based Kickstarter ideas, I wanted to let Epic Review readers know about a really cool project for anyone involved in table top wargaming: Sci-Fi Wargaming Accessories from PDC Gaming.  This is an incredibly cool project which is designed to create various generic sci-fi weapons and small vehicles that can be used in a variety of gaming environments. I imagine these would fit in with any dystopian future, space marine, or cyber punk scenarios you can concoct.  PDC gaming had some really nice incentives for supporting the effort that come at a variety of price ranges (although you'll have to convert from British Pounds).  Even for those of you who like to customize miniatures in miniature based games like Heroscape, Zombicide, or the variety of RISK games out there, these might be a cool item to snag.  These guys know what they're doing and are creating some very cool stuff to improve your gaming worlds.

This project only has about 55 hours left to go and still is a little under 3,000 pounds to meet their goal, so if you're a gamer or know someone who is, jumping on this project quickly is advisable.  Here's a few more pics after the break....

The weapons will come on sprues, but are modular and can be assembled in different ways.
Painted examples of the smaller mobile artillery devices you can build.


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