More Weird Reasons Why People Visit the Epic Review: Back from Vacation Edition

Hey everyone!

I've been away on a brief vacation (although not a vacation away from buying toys, reading comics, or taking pictures) but now I'm back! It's been a little quiet around here.  Not sure what the Reel Brad Bell and Generbeener have been up to (*Editor: Nothing, apparently*) (*Brad: "Tribbles, I mean Kidney Stones!") but I've got a lot of catching up to do. Look forward to reviews of Snakeweed and Leatherhead from TMNT, Spirit of Hordak and the Fighting Foe Men from MOTUC, a bunch of the new Iron Man Marvel Legends (including Ultron), and some other cool surprises.  In the meantime, here's a look at some more of the other bizarre Google search terms people have used to get to ThEpic Review.  I've done this before, and since it entertained me so much I'll do it again!  Check them out after the break.....

"Bermuda Triangle Monsters"

My guess is that somehow this interview with Richard T Broadwater, the creator of the Legendary Monsters toyline, got people thinking about cryptozoology and other weird stuff.  Otherwise, perhaps the Epic Review is becoming the home for people searching for rare specimens like Yetis, Shadow People, Bermuda Triangle Monsters, and articles written by Andrew.

"Neca Predator Review Crawford"

I assume that someone was looking for NECA Predator reviews by Michael Crawford and stumbled across out review of the Predator 2 pack.  If you're not familiar with, check it out. The man writes some of the finest action figure and 1/6th scale reviews on the planet.  I particularly enjoyed learning that people searching for reviews by Mr. Crawford were instead turning to our site. Ok, so maybe it was only a few people, but it felt nice.    

"pain and gain, total crap?"

Was someone specifically searching for our review of the Michael Bay film Pain and Gain? If so then, yup, Brad pretty much called it on this one.

"most realistic female action figures"

     Since we strive to keep this site fairly family friendly, I'm not really going to speculate too much on what I imagine someone was looking for here.  I'll just say that perhaps they need to turn off their Google Safe search and try again.

"easy power ranger painting for kid" 

Was someone looking for some kind of Power Rangers paint by number?  Or were they referring to this Rita Repulsa figure that looks as if it were some type of children's art project?  Who knows.


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