Cool stuff you have to own: Now Available at Big Bad Toy Store

Big Bad Toy Store has received a bunch of cool new stuff this week including Masters of the Universe Classics Octavia by Mattel, Neca's first series of Aliens and Pacific Rim figures, Predator series 9, and Diamond Selects' first Star Trek Select release Mr. Spock.

 I've got my shipment of Aliens wave 1 on the way, and you should too! Corporal Hicks (Michael Biehn), Private Hudson (Bill Paxton), and the Warrior Alien are available now as a complete set. Of course, you can pick up the Alien by itself. These are from Aliens, not Alien, so you'll need more than one.  Keep checking ThEpic Review for reviews of these three figures.

More awesomeness after the break....

Did you miss out on Octavia? We'll, you better hurry on over to BBTS and pick her up while she's in stock!
  Not only is she a new Masters of the Universe Classics figure, but she's a never before released character from the Filmation series. She's also loaded with accessories: 4 swords and a crossbow.  Hopefully we'll have our review of her up early next week, but you shouldn't wait that long. Order her now!

Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim is my 2nd most anticipated move of the summer, so I'm eager to pick these guys up. Featuring Crimson Typhoon, Gipsy Danger, and Knifehead, these guys look to be an amazing line. Snag yours before all the other cool kids do!

Neca's awesome Predator line keeps rolling along with series 9 (series 10 has just been announced, too!) including Jungle Encounter Dutch, Jungle Disguise Dutch, and the Water Emergence Predator. I've got my Jungle Disguise Dutch on the way from BBTS, and plan on picking up the rest at some point. Order your set today! Do it! Do it now!!

Speaking of series 10, here it is! Now this is a preorder of a three figure set that pays homage to three of the classic Kenner Predators from the 1990s. Here we have (L to R) Nightstorm Predator, Hive Wars Predator, and the Lava Planet Predator. These guys are so crazy awesome that I had to preorder a set. If you have fond memories of these figures, or simply want a translucent red Predator to hang out on any lava planets, preorder them now!
I love nearly everything that Diamond Select releases and their Star Trek Select Series looks to be fantastic.  Mr. Spock is packaged with a diorama that includes the Horta from "The Devil in the Dark" of the Original Series. Ordering your Spock now is the logical thing to do.


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