Dr. Rampageo reviews Ray-Gun from ManOrMonster? at Doomkick

Image from Doomkick.com
     At Heroes Con in Charlottoe, I had the opportunity to visit the ManOrMonster? booth and see some of their cool products first hand.  Probably my favorite was Ray-Gun, a cybernetically enhanced version of President Ronald Reagan who faces off against his communist nemesis Gorba-Chop.  The figures utilize really strong magnets for both articulation and to give the figure the ability to be customized with other ManOrMonster? releases. Check out the great review of this figure by Dr. Rampageo at Doomkick today!  The official product listing and product info is listed after the break, if you're interested:

Ambushed by Space Russians, left for dead, rebuilt by American super scientists in a top-secret military base... this is RAY-GUN: COSMIC COMBATANT OF COMMUNISM!!
Each Ray-Gun is a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted variant... no two are alike! Ray-Guns come packaged in a clear poly bag with header card featuring artwork by Steve Seeley.
Ray-Guns feature 4 points of articulation using the same neo-mag joints as Warlords of Wor and MOTUMUs, making the lines fully compatible and interchangeable with each other, bringing an all-new level of customization to the brands!


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