Ideas for future theme weeks on ThEpic Review?

How about Bill Paxton week?
 I hope everyone enjoyed our Resident Evil theme week.  Unfortunately, I think I'm the only Resident Evil fan of the Epic Review crew, so I didn't get anyone wanting to write movie or video game reviews to make it a true, multimedia experience.  I'm curious what you guys thought, however: this was our busiest week at ThEpic Review ever, so there must be some hardcore Resident Evil and/ or zombie fans out there.  I've been thinking about some other theme weeks that we could do here.  Here's some thoughts I had:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme week

A theme week dedicated to a specific Batman villain

A Sandman week (if only to get Arathaelia to actually pitch in!)

Admiral Ackbar week (although this could be a trap!)

G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 week (because it's one of my favorite toy lines ever)

Hellboy Week

Tomb Raider Week

Bruce Campbell Week

A DC Comics Elseworlds Week

Schwarzenegger Week

Any thoughts? Any better ideas than what I have listed here?  What elements do you want to see in a good theme week? 


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