Leo Corazon from Mystical Warriors of the Ring Goes on Sale Tomorrow- July 12, 2013

You might remember a few months back that I interviewed Mark Vasquez about his fantasy wrestling project Mystical Warriors of the Ring.  While there have been a few figures available at various conventions, tomorrow could be your chance to purchase a figure directly from Fantastic Plastic Toys, the official distributor of Mystical Warriors of the Ring.  Leo Corazon is the figure who will be available tomorrow (our crack Epic Review staff tells me his name is a play on "lion heart") and he comes in three colors: Aztec Gold, Metallic Orange, and color-changing orange-to-yellow.  Each minifigure (remember, these are a little under 2 inches and similar to M.U.S.C.L.E., OMFG, and SLUG Zombies) sells for $25 and comes with the following goodies:
  • Collectible Event Ticket for the mailaway
  • 3 Art Cards (1 Bio, 2 Artists Profile)
  • 1 Oversized Story Art Card

 These guys will be available around 12pm CST and will probably go pretty quickly! Head on over to Fantastic Plastic Toys to pick up your set or to the official Mystical Warriors blog to learn more about the brand and watch some great video reviews.


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