Movie Review: After Earth (Confirmed: Crap and a 1/2)

Can the Smiths save M. Night Shyamalan?

     After The Happening and The Last Air Bender audiences and critics were ready write off M. Night Shyamalan.  So what is one way any studio, in this case Columbia Pictures, could get butts in the seats for another potential M. Night catastrophe? How about letting him direct a big budget summer action/ sci-fi film with Will Smith. Surely even someone who has written off M. Night couldn't resist a Will Smith summer action film, right (even if it is more of Jaden Smith film)? Sadly, for Columbia and M. Night Shyamalan, this isn't the 1990’s and not even Will Smith can save Syhamalan from what he has become.  And what is that exactly? Find out in the review of After Earth beyond the break……

Hopefully M. Night hasn't killed Jaden Smith's acting career before it can really start!

      I have to imagine the only reason Will Smith chose to star in After Earth was because he saw the film as a starring vehicle for his son Jaden and a strong follow up to his role as Dre in the surprisingly popular 2010 Karate Kid remake.  Why else would the guy who turned down Quentin Tarintino’s academy award winning Django Unchained agree to do this film? While we may never truly know the answer to that mystery, we do know one thing for sure: following After Earth M. Night Shyamalan should no longer direct.

The only other time Will Smith was this bad was Wild Wild West,
but too bad he let his fear of playing cowboys keep him from playing Django and instead he ended up in After Earth!

     After Earth plays out like an emotionless spoof of The Hunger Games, as Jaden Smith has to accomplish task after task in order to escape the now deadly arena of Earth after his ship crash landed there. This is an Earth in which all animals have evolved to kill humans after the human race evacuated several years earlier (for a reason M. Night Shyamalan fails to explain).  As for the Smith’s ship, it was destined for a military training exercise that General Will Smith for some reason invites his teenage son to partake in. (I'd only watch this movie if it features Will Smith punching an alien and saying, "Welcome to Earth."-*Editor*)

Hello there J.J. Abrams monster!

     After Earth is plagued with problems from being just plain boring to using a J.J. Abrams monster rip off to committing downright copyright infringement. The biggest problem, however, is with any studio that trusts M. Night Shyamalan to direct a film anymore.  It is so sad to continue to watch the man that was once considered the heir apparent to Steven Spielberg and who open a non franchise film on name alone fall from grace.  Even sadder is that M. Night may have made Jaden Smith’s acting career as dead as Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense before it could even truly begin! (Great. Now I need to change my pants.-*Editor*)

Confirmed: Crap and a 1/2


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