Movie Review: Grown Ups 2 (Confirmed: Good)

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     A film critic I know personally and whose opinion I respect greatly once summed up the Happy Madison Grown Ups franchise by saying: “If you like a movie with grown men getting kicked in the nuts and fart jokes then the Grown Ups movies are for you.”  I couldn't help but keep this quote in my mind as the Adam Sandler buddy comedy has gotten roasted by critics over the past week or so.  However at the same time as the film was bashed by critics, it beat out probably the best widely released film of 2013 so far, Pacific Rim, so apparently a lot of people like to see grown men getting kicked in the nuts and fart jokes.  So was Grown Ups 2 really that funny even in a stupid and idiotic way? Find out after the break….

     Fortunately Grown Ups 2 is funny, but in a very stupid and idiotic way, but what more did you expect from a film that seems like nothing more than a chance to get Adam Sandler’s friends together and make a little money in the process.  If you have been a fan of the Sand Man and his entourage since their days on Saturday Night Live in the early 90’s, then yes you will probably find Grown Ups 2 as a rather entertaining way to turn off your brains for around an hour and a half this Summer.  If not, then why the hell are you watching Grown Ups 2 anyway?

     For as many cheap excuses as I would like to give Grown Ups 2, you really can’t argue against the film's lack of plot.  Now I don’t expect all comedies to be as witty or as smart as an episode of Arrested Development or Seinfeld, but some plot is required, even for Adam Sandler.  Which brings us to the biggest problem with this so called 'film': their isn’t one!  If someone asked you to sum up Grown Ups 2 the easiest way to do it would be to say Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Dave Spade, and Kevin James all just hang out a bit and then the movie is over.

     So in the end is their really much substance to this film, comedic or otherwise? The answer is definitely NO.  However what Grown Ups 2 does do is give you a barrel of cheap, dumb, raunchy laughs over the course of a super-sized Adam Sandler and friends cameo fest, and any fan of the Happy Madison troop will take that any day of the Summer.

Confirmed: Good


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