Star Wars Black Greedo by Hasbro Revealed at Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth has been doing a cool 4-week special on the development of the Greedo action figure from the second series of Star Wars Black figures.  As you can see, I think he looks pretty good. I'm really excited to see how well Hasbro handles characters with more complex costumes, such as a Gamorrean Guard, Chewbacca, the charred corpse of Uncle Owen (what? It could happen?), but for a character with a fairly simple costume, Greedo looks great. While I already have a fairly extensive Star Wars collection in the 1/18th scale, I'm not sure how many figures from Star Wars Black I'll buy, especially if new 1/18th scale figures are coming out. I think I'll probably limit my buying to Bounty Hunters, really good versions of the main characters, and Admiral Ackbar. Cruise on over and check out the really cool pre-production photos at Entertainment Earth.


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