Super Cool Customs of 90's BattleCorps G.I.Joes all Month Long at Oreobuilders Blog

Oreobuilder's customs of Stalker and Lifeline

     Looking for a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July besides watching Independance Day and playing with sparklers?  Then head on over to master G.I. Joe customizer Oreobuilder's blog and follow a super cool project he's working on--creating modern customs of some of the 1990s Battle Corps G.I. Joes.  When originally released, most Battle Corps figures deviated from previous Joes due to brighter colors, missile firing weapons, and non-unique weapons. In recent years, fans have been realizing that underneath all of that neon paint were some great sculpts and unique design elements, and now Oreobuilder is bringing Battle Corps back into the fight.  He'll be putting up new customs each day, so make sure to follow his blog all month long. So far he's created customs of Gung-Ho (1992), Duke (1993), Shipwreck in his Navy SEAL uniform (1994), and Stalker and Lifeline, both from 1994. Great work, man!


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