Masters of the Universe Classics Two Bad will be Exclusive to the Subscription

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     In response to a question on, Scott "Toyguru" Neitlich just dropped the news that Two Bad will have no day of sale next year, thus making him exclusive to the 2014 Club Eternia Subscription.  Responding to a fan's request for more sub incentives, Neitlich wrote:

How about this, we just confirmed from logistics that Two Bad, like Clamp Champ or Fang Man will be short produced and therefore will only be for sub holders in 2014. I don't know if that is an incentive, but it is the latest info we just got.
    Now Two Bad, probably the most wanted figure for many fans from the 2014 sub, is going to be exclusively available to fans who sub. Does this make you want to sub more? Less? How do you feel about this move? Honestly it's probably a smart move for Mattel to make in order to ensure that vintage fans subscribe. Plus, it gives more incentive for e-tailers to purchase more subs since they can charge whatever they want for them.  If you're planning getting Two Bad and a few other figures next year, subbing might be the best way to go because this guy could truly be price gouged like nobody's business.


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