Mattel Reveals Filmation Power Sword for Masters of the Universe Classics

     Sometime yesterday, Mattel revealed what looks lik a protype image of He-Man's Power Sword as it appeared on the Filmation cartoon series "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe". Fans have requested this item for quite some time and it seems Mattel is willing to deliver if the 2014 Club Eternia subscription goes through (Last night's update was at 57% of the needed subscriptions and we have a week left).  Anyways, here's the article--it seems like Mattel has plans for other artifacts and such from the Filmation cartoon and the minicomics, so maybe that will encourage a few more folks to subscribe.

 More pictures after the break....

  We've seen some cool artifacts this year, such as the Sword of the Ancients and the Filmation Staff of Avion, while next year we'll see the minicomic Staff of Avion with Goatman (pictured below).

     While I certainly have personal interest in wanting this line to continue, as it's probably my favorite toyline to collect, next year does feel like it could truly be one of the most exciting years for Masters of the Universe Classics, and an announcement like the Filmation Power Sword just adds to that. Once again, the subscription end date is less than a week away, so subscribe now if you're going to!


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