T-Rav at Doomkick reviews the Computer Warriors Strategic Weapon Base Playset

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     Not many people seem to remember Computer Warriors these days.  Released by Mattel in 1989, Computer Warriors focused on a group of government manufactured warriors called the Computer Warriors who fought against a group of evil computer viruses that would hide in everyday objects like computers, sci-fi novels, and Pepsi cans.  "Expect the Unexpected!"  The line was a very cool minifigure toyline which featured transforming objects. The Pepsi can opened up into a launch center for a small aircraft. The science fiction novel Invasion of the Viruses opened up into a missile base for the bad guys.  The largest piece, however, is the very cool set that T-Rav over at Doomkick.com is looking at today: an old-school desktop computer that turns into a Strategic Weapons Base playset.  I actually bought one of these at a garage sale in 1996, but must have sold it at another garage sale.  Sometimes I hate myself for doing that, and this is definitely one of those times. Anyways, head over there and check this thing out. Thanks to T-Rav and Doomkick.com for reawakening some childhood nostalgia and self loathing.  

Perhaps this series will be next on my list after I complete Legends of Batman.....


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