Cool Kickstarter Campaign: Cool & Collected- The Magazine for Pop Culture Collectors

     I think it's fair to say that ToyFare magazine was one of the central pillars of pop culture for me growing up. I started reading it with the first quarterly issue that appeared in December 1996 and continued up until it's unfortunate demise in 2011. There was something so special, especially for me as a middle schooler, about having a magazine devoted to the things I cared about. Receiving ToyFare every month was like being a member of a secret society or hanging out with a group of close friends and talking about the things I loved. While I eventually began to find friends both in actual day to day life and virtually who shared my love for pop culture, toys, and nerdy humor, ToyFare was always near and dear to my heart (I'm sure that the good folks behind ToyFare would be happy to know I still keep a few random copies of ToyFare in my restroom, for old times sake!) Anyways, to help fill the void of action figure related periodicals Brian Adams of the website Cool & Collected has set out to release a magazine that should fulfill the need for glossy pictures of toys through Kickstarter. Head on over there and pitch in to help this project now! They are already 3/4 of the way there and with 19 days left, we should hopefully have this thing in the bag! If you need more convincing, however, check out more cool images and details after the break....

There are a variety of pledge levels, but to actually get the magazine you'll need to kick in $10 for a PDF copy or $15 for a printed copy. For $20 you can get two copies (one for your collection and one to thumb through while sitting on the can) and $25 will get your name printed on the inside. There are also plenty of levels that net you multiple copies for sales or to give away and different levels of advertising.

To quote Brian: "The premiere issue will feature 64 glossy pages, covering topics such as collectible Nintendo 64 games, Kenner Super Powers action figures, Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Series, and more! The topics run the gamut from comic books, movie memorabilia, toys, vintage video games  -- everything a pop culture collector could possibly want!"

Head on over and order your copy today! Let's make this a reality! Oh, and Brian: if you ever need to borrow a dog to answer letters or someone to answer questions while there DC Universe Classics keep falling over, me and Dogecue17 will gladly assist!


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