Not a Trick just a Treat: A look inside the Reel Brad Bell's Horror Collection

       Barbecue 17 has been doing an insanely EPIC job of bringing our readers Halloween treats ever sense Labor Day.  As much as I love Halloween other than appearing in our last podcast I have been unable to really participate in a a lot of our Hokey Halloween Horror 2013, due to uncontrollable scheduling conflicts.  After many request from Jerry to review some of my horror figures, I have decided to give readers what I would consider a real treat a look inside my personal horror collection.  While it pales in comparison to number of horror figures Barbecue owns there are some nice pieces to highlight this Halloween season.  So enjoy and have a safe and Happy Halloween 2013!


  1. Nice collection! I am impressed!

  2. Thanks Can't wait to get the Ken Taylor Mondo Halloween framed to top it all off!


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