ThEpic Review's 2013 Halloween Grab Bag Contest- Also, weirdest thing you ever got while Trick 'R Treating?

Ready to read about Halloween stuff and possibly add some cool prizes to your Halloween grab bag?  The read on to find out about ThEpic Review's 2013 Halloween Grab Bag Contest.  Currently we've got three fantastic prizes:

A SLUG Zombies series 1 zombie (Decayin' Dom)
A Legends of Batman Catwoman Figure, still Mint on Card
A brand new 1966 Batman figure from Mattel

So, want to learn how to enter? Then click through and read after the break!

There are 3 ways to get entries, and you can earn a total of 8 entries throughout October!

Here's how you get can get entries:

1 entry for participating in the 4 weekly participation threads (up to four entries total)

Each week we'll have a designated "participation post." Just comment and you'll get an automatic entry into the contest. Four posts will pop up during October. This is the first one--participate now! What's the weirdest thing you ever ended up with in your Halloween pail while Trick 'R Treating?


1 entry for sending in a "fun size" review of a horror figure or toy - up to 3 entries!

Just send me a"fun size" review of a horror themed action figure or toy. A "fun size" review consists of 1 paragraph (no more than 5 sentences) and 1 picture of the toy. You can send me up to three reviews. I'll try to publish all of them on the site and give you credit. See, you could be internet famous!

1 entry for sending in a picture of yourself with a pumpkin.

The pumpkin can be carved or uncarved. You can be holding it, smashing it, or wearing it on your head. Has to be a real pumpkin! Canned pumpkin doesn't count!

Entries for the pumpkin pics and the fun size reviews should be sent to with the subject "Trick or Treat" and your chosen username.

You can win multiple prizes! More prizes can be added during the month if there's lots of participation or someone gives me free stuff to giveaway!  Tell your friends and Perez Hilton!

Unfortunately, the contest is open to US Residents only, unless you are willing to pay your own shipping.

Entries will be accepted from 10/1 at 6am EST through Monday 10/28 at 6am EST.  Winners will be revealed November 1st 2013. You'll have until 5pm EST November 8th to get in touch with us via email at to claim your prize. If you don't claim your prize, I'll draw someone else. Deal with it.


  1. Weirdest thing I ever got while trick-or-treating was a tube of Pixy Stix candy. That may not SOUND weird, but the teenager who was giving them out was telling all the kids that they were filled with cocaine. Eventually, someone's parents called the police. It was determined that there was no cocaine, and the teenager was just a dumb-ass. Other weird things I got in my trick-r-treat bag when I was a kid: toothbrushes, Jack T, Chick comics, and rocks.

  2. I don't remember ever getting Chick tracts while Trick 'R Treating, but I do remember getting toothbrushes. One of the oddest things I remember was a guy just handing dollar bills out (that's a great treat, but just unusual) and a little gag toy that was a blood soaked bandage with what appeared to be stuck through it. When you slipped it over your finger it looked like a nail was stuck through your hand. It was actually pretty nifty.

  3. One Halloween many many years ago me and my sister were out doing the candy rounds and were all pretty excited about all the wonderful goodies we were getting until we made our last stop of the night and the guy at the house we were at did a lousy magic card trick which he screwed up! Talk about a let down and i know it's trick or treat and all but man young kids don't want magic they want candy dang it lol.

  4. Yeah, candy definitely would be better although I would appreciate the effort of someone doing a magic trick. It'd actually be really cool if more people did stuff like that. I always loved the houses that did a mini haunted house, or tried to scare you or something like that.

  5. We all got handed candied apples once. Homemade. Didn't that person watch the news?!?! We didn't risk it, we all tossed them into the next house's bushes!


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