Action Figure Barbecue: McFarlane's Frankenstein, Tenkai Knights, Poison Ivy, IG-88, Neca Predators, Wrecker, and Battle Damaged Batgirl

Image from The Clawful Punch

     What toy reviews jumped out at me this week? Here's a few that I've read and enjoyed:

* John Gaither at The Clawful Punch has taken a look at one of the first series McFarlane's Monsters sets: The Frankenstein Playset! These sets are some of my favorite toys ever and I'm always excited when someone else starts collecting them!

* Alexx at Toys and Tomfoolery has reviewed a cool new building line I had never heard of: Tenkai Knights from Ionix. Alexx looks at Vilius, Bravenwolf, and Lydendoor. These guys are smaller than Lego Bionicle and Hero Factory stuff but look amazing and have a really cool gimmick. Alexx is also hilarious, so expect to see pics of these guys wailing on guitars.

*Michael W. Crawford at looked at Poison Ivy from the very cool DC Bombshells statue line. I've got the Batgirl from this line already preordered, but all the figures in this set are quite tempting. Michael has probably cost me more money than anyone else on the net due to his great reviews of DC statues.

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*Philip Reed at has covered yet another of the Jumbo Vintage Star Wars figures from Gentle Giant. This time it's IG-88, one of the bounty hunters from The Empire Strikes Back. Those bounty hunters are really, really cool in this humongous scale! I think I'll personally wait for IG-88 to appear in Star Wars Black, but it's a really cool toy nonetheless.

*Ridureyu at Nerditis has been reviewing the new NECA Predators that are a throwback to the old Kenner figures and just this week posted a review of the Nightstorm Predator. If I weren't already inundated with new toy releases, I would definitely be picking these guys up in a heartbeat!

* Jon at also reviewed one of the new Predator figures. It's also the one I'm most inclined to pick up: the Lava Planet Predator. The vintage figure is one of my favorites and this guy looks exceptionally cool, or should I say hot?

*Yo Go Re at not only reviewed the new Marvel Legends series 5 Wrecker, but also points out how ridiculous Habsro's system is for implementing variants in the line. I still don't have the Blade figure that should have been released last year. Hasbro really does have a weird system in place with the new Legends, although most stores near me still have series one in stock.

Lastly, Eric Stettmeier at Toyriffic checked out an older Batgirl figure that I hasn't seen before: the Battle Damaged Batgirl from the New Batman Adventures. I haven't tracked down this exact figure yet although I did find a variant of that I promptly ordered and should review in the next week or two. I'm always on the lookout for both new and cool Batgirl stuff and older stuff I've missed, so this review was a real treat!


  1. Glad you like my review of the set it was fun to do and a great bookend for my Dracula set from Mcfarlane but now i must seek out more of these i really love them!

  2. The Phantom of the Opera set is really great, as is the Werewolf and Creature set. It's a fairly easy line to complete but many do they look slick together.

    1. I will be getting more of these in the future for sure now! Am hooked.


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