Happy Halloween!

     Hope everyone had a safe, happy, and spooky Halloween! This year was a really special Halloween for me because it was my daughter's first Halloween so we traveled to visit my parents so that they could be part of the fun. Today was crammed with Halloween fun including visiting a local book store to pick up some horror literature (shout out to Ms. B's Used Books!), a visit to a local comic shop, playing lots of scary music all day at my parents' house, walking around in my costume and scaring trick 'r treaters, carving a jack o' lantern, eating homemade pumpkin pie (thanks Dad!), taking my daughter trick 'r treating (which meant I got to go too!), watching some of Troll 2 with friends, and watching Halloween with my mom. My mom is perhaps the best person to watch scary movies with because not only does she react to them but she really gets into them. It's definitely not a passive experience, which made it even more fun. And since it's now after midnight where I'm at I can safely blow out the candle in my pumpkin without drawing the wrath of Sam. Good night everyone and farewell Halloween 2013!


  1. I watched alone, but when I do watch with my wife, it is fun, cause she screams! LOL - Hope you had a great one, Happy Hallowe'en!


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