New Mystical Warriors of the Ring Colors from Fantastic Plastic Toys!

     Just got this announcement from Mark at Fantastic Plastic Toys, creator of the super cool Mystical Warriors of the Ring line. I reviewed the first set of their PVC figures here which consisted of Kayin Kungaa, Sheldon Sabre, and Widowmaker. Soon these guys will be back in three cool new colors:

After a successful launch with our Flesh and Red, we are now releasing 3 more colors for the Holiday Season. They are currently in transit from China and we hope to have them available shortly.
In honor of our partnership with True Cast Studio (whose company color is Blue) and our use of metallic in our prototypes we are offering a Pearlescent Blue colorway. This will be the standard $9.00 per 3 pack and will be available on our True Cast Studio Store. You might be familiar with the use of Pearlescent colors with the recent Onell Glyos drops.

(continued after the break- with more pictures!)


We will also be offering a Glow in the Dark set of 3 for 10.00. These will come packaged with a different sticker then we have been using, one customized for Glow in the Dark.
The third colorway is our first retailer exclusive, Jays CD and Hobby out of Des Moines, IA has chosen Pearlescent Black for their exclusive. Sales of this colorway will be handled by them ph:(515) 287-4578  email:

Look for more exciting colors in 2014, as well as check for more updates about our 2014 Convention Plans and Exclusives.


Mark Vasquez
Owner, Fantastic Plastic Toys


  1. Wow, Latest color of toy's is awesome.But i m think that plastic toy's is not good for kid, because it's made for polymers. Actually i wanna know about the best kid Toy soldiers which is good for kid health.If any one have idea regarding this then please suggest me thanks.


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