Epic News: Thursday February 27th 2014

Want to see the latest DC Statue from Kotubkiya? Want to know where Marvel Studios plans to shoot all those Netflix shows, and just how much Netflix is paying for them?  Want to see who may now Direct the Masters of the Universe movie after John Chu dropped out of the film? Want to see who will be the Sith in Episode 7? Find all that and alot more in the Thursday February 27th 2014 edition of Epic News after the break....

Epic Collecting News:

DC Comic and Kotobukiya have revealed their latest Bishoujo Statue: Starfire

 This Epic TMNT poster by Matt Ferguson and the Above Predator Poster by Mark Manev are just a few epic pieces from their upcoming show at the Bottle Neck Galley.  Find more info. about the show here,
 and keep checking back to see when you can actually by these epic posters!

Epic Film and TV News

Marvel Studios have anounced they will film their Netflix exclusive shows in NYC.
As part of a $4 Million dollar deal Marvel promised to deliver 13 Episodes of: 
Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones Iron Fist and the Defenders. 

Star of the HBO Series Girls: Adam Driver will play the primary Sith in Episode 7!

Alexandra Kronsey will play the female lead: Liv in I Zombie on The CW

David Anders will play the I Zombie Villain: Blaine on the CW

Maclcom Goodwin will play co-lead Clive in the CW's I Zombie 

Zombieland Director Reuben Fleischer's next film will be a family film entitled Overnight.
Disney is already proclaiming Overnight: Home Alone for a new generation!

David Fincher will Direct the Steve Jobs biopic Written by: Aaron Sorkin!

The following Directors are up to Direct The Masters of the Universe film:

1. Jeff Waldow (Kick-Ass 2)
2.  Harald Zwart (Karate Kid Remake)
3. Chris Mckay (Robot Chicken)
4. Mike Cahill 

Adam Sandler has cast himself and Kevin James in the upcoming Happy Madison Action Comedy: Pixels.
The films will feature 80's video game characters attacking NYC with classic gamers hired to save the city!

Dreamworks says to expect a Shrek 5!

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez are already planning Sin City 3!

Checkout the new Teaser for the Fargo show on FX, the shows starts April 15th!

That's it for the Thursday Edition of Epic News, Cya on TGIF!


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