Epic News Tuesday February 18th 2014

The Tuesday February 18th 2014 edition of epic news is brought to you by Skynet, the epic review's most trusted defense system.  Want to see the latest Hot Toy? Want to see the latest teaser for the upcoming Disney Star Wars show: Rebels? Want to see the first official hi-res images from Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy film? Want to see the next comic Gail Simone has been hard at work on? Find all that and more in today's edition of epic news after the break....

Epic Collecting News:

Hot Toys has revealed their next Terminator figure: the original battle damaged T-800!

Recently shown at Toy Fair 2014!
You can pre-order NECA's latest Jason figure from Friday the 13th Part 5,
at bigbadtoystore.com  for $25.  The figure ships in July!

If you are more of a Freddy guy, bbts also has this brand new NECA  
Nightmare on Elm St. 3: Dream Warriors prop replica Freddy glove up for pre-order for $60.  
The Glove ships in July!

Neca Will Release the second series of Guest Star Simpsons figure in April, 
you can pre-order yours now at BBTS for $99!

Hasbro will release a comic god kiler Iron Man and Nova as part of 
The Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends film line!

Mondo will release 4 new Laurent Durieux poster today at a random time find them at mondotees.com!
The posters include: Rear Window, The Day the Earth Stood Still (Original), 
The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Forbidden Planet!

Epic Comicbook News: 

A new Tomb Raider comic from writer Gail Simone is in the works!

In other Gail Simone news, DC has cancelled The Movement.
May's Issue #12 will be the last of the series.

DC is giving Sinestro his own comic, the book will be written by Cullen Bunn with Art by Dale Eaglesmith.
Issue #1 of Sinestro hit's comic books shops April 16th!

Epic Film and TV News:

Checkout the two new teaser trailers for Star War's Rebels!

We usually don't do a ton of set images, but these 3 from Guardians of the Galaxy out August 1st give us our best look at the Marvel Studios space epic to date.  
The first trailer of the film airs on ABC on Jimmy Kimmel live tonight

That's it for today's edition of Epic News, see you on hump day!


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