Epic News: Tuesday February 25th 2014

The Tuesday February 25th 2014 edition of Epic News is brought to you by The Ghostbusters in honor of Harold Ramis.  The Epic Review calls the Ghostbusters for all of their paranormal investigative needs.  Want to see what IDW has planned for the 30th Anniversary of TMNT? Want to see yet another Amazing Spiderman 2 trailer? Want to know when Anchorman 2 will hit blu-ray?  Find all that and more in today's edition of Epic News after the break....

Epic Comic Book News:

TMNT creators Eastman and Laird will reunite for the 30th Anniversary issuesof TMNT from IDW.
The 48 page anniversary issue will hit comic shops this May!

Epic Film and TV News:

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will produce and direct a film
entitled: Console Wars about the battle between Sega and Nintendo

Checkout the trailer for Mike Judges new HBO Comedy: Silicon Valley, the show hits HBO April 6th!

Amanda Seyfried has joined the cast of Ted 2 out June 26th 2015!

Anchorman 2 will hit blu-ray April 1st and will have 3 cuts of the film including a super-sized R-rated version

Checkout The Amazing Spiderman 2 Rise of Electro Trailer, Electro rises May 2nd!

The man who played Cobra Commander in G.I Joe Retaliation: Luke Bracey has been cast along side
Gerard Butler in the Point Break remake!

Checkout the trailer for Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 6 that hits Netflix March 7th!

Rumor is Harrison Ford has been cast in the History Channel Mini-Series: Texas Rangers,
which shoots at the same time as Star Wars Episode 7!

That's for the Tuesday edition of Epic News cya on Hump Day! 


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