Thank you, now let's make this really EPIC!

This may not be a Bruce Wayne fundraiser, but we could use your help!

Fellow Epic reviewers:

We would like to thank the thousands of you who have frequented the site in recent months! Thank you for helping make something that Myself, Jerry, and the rest of the team could have only dreamed of years back when we created the epic rating system and were running test podcast's in Jerry's basement back in the Summer of 2011.  As some of you may know the epic review isn’t I or Jerry's full time job, so the content we bring to you on a daily basis is purely a labor of love. While Jerry and I will always have a passion for collecting, seeing movies, and reading comics we would like to bring you even more content and even improve the content we already provide.  You may notice that in the upper right hand corner we have added a PayPal donate button.  We ask for the thousands of you that visit the site daily to do what you can, so we can do things such as: upgrading our podcast hosting service in order to give you even more editions of The Confirmed Epic Podcast and further back catalog previous episodes, bring you even more film and comic reviews. And of course what you love: more of those Epic BBQ17 action figure reviews, as well as providing our readers with more Epic giveaways.  So like the title says, thank you now let’s make this really EPIC!

Epic Review Founder-Bradley Bell


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