Monday, March 31, 2014

Movie Review: Event Horizon

     A week or two ago I watched Event Horizon, a film I hadn't seen since it was released on VHS in 1998. Starring Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neil, and Joely Richardson and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson,  Event Horizon is a sci-fi/ Horror film released in 1997 that was originally both a commercial and critical failure. While initially being largely dismissed, over time many viewers and genre fans have reappreaised the film. While I don't remember being overly impressed with the movie the first time I saw it, watching it again was a chilling experience. Unlike most sci-fi horror films that tend to deal with alien creatures, Event Horizon rather is a ghost story and a possession tale that takes place in a sci-fi setting. Imagine something along the lines of Alien and the Black Hole blended with In the Mouth of Madness and Hellraiser. If that sounds at all appealing to you, you might want to read on after the break to learn more about Event Horizon.....

Epic News: Monday March 31st 2014

Want to know who won the weekend box-office?  Want to see the latest Captain America Hot Toy? Want the scoop on a brand new superhero being introduced into the DCU? Want to know when Marvel will finally reveal the origin of The Watcher?  Want to know when Scarlett Johansson is getting her own solo superhero film?  Find all that and more in the Monday March 31st Edition of Epic News after the break....

Micro Monday: Brain Face and Wraptile from Mighty Max by Bluebird Toys/ Mattel

     Sorry about missing Micro Monday last week, everyone.  I had some stuff going on over the weekend and just didn't feel like sitting down to work on a review. Fortunately, I've had plenty of time this weekend to work. Once again, we're going super micro this week with a look at two more of the Shrunken Heads from Mighty Max: Brain Face and Wraptile. Both of these are from my original childhood Mighty Max collection and came packaged together (these sets were sold by themselves and in pairs). Some folks think I may have been a bit harsh on these Shrunken Heads sets when I reviewed a pair of them last time. They might have been right; these were never intended to be full fledged playsets like the Mighty Max Horror Heads or Doom Zones. These really seemed more like a way to get kids cooler Max figures. Anyways, ready for a look at Brain Face and Wraptile? Then join me after the break....

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Must Watch!: Joss Whedon Apologizes for destroying South Korea

Joss Whedon took to the internet to apologize for 
Marvel Baddies destroying South Korea in Avengers 2.

This is all in good fun of course and worth a watch, Avengers 2 Age of Ultron opens May 1st 2015!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Epic News: Friday March 28th 2014 TGIF Edition

Want to see the Batman 75th Anniversary Batman Logo? Want the latest on the 6th season of Community and a possible feature film? Want know what surprise Summer 2014 disaster film is being called Twister for a new generation?  Want to see the new trailer for the Purge 2? Find all that in more in the Friday March 28th 2014 TGIF Edition of Epic News after the break…..

Minifigure Review: Lucky Green Zombie Pheyden from OTMFG by October Toys

     Every month October Toys puts up some cool new minifigures on their site. For March, October toys offered two: The new minifigure Brocotal in a Leafy Green color and the previously released Zombie Pheyden in a Lucky Green color scheme. While I missed out on Brocotal (CURSES!!!) I did manage to snag Lucky Green Pheyden. Tying in with St. Patrick's Day, Zombie Pheyden's bright green color scheme is intended to bring luck to whomever totes him around in their pocket, tucks him into the corner of their cubicle, or stashes him on their toy shelf. Based on Pheyden, a space traveler from the Glyos System of toys, Zombie Pheyden is a creepy little minifigure that is just ready to join the rest of your minis. Ready for a closer look at him? Then join me after the break...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

MUST WATCH: Teaser Trailer for Michael Bay's TMNT

Paramount has finally released an actual trailer for 
Michael Bay's TMNT Reboot due out August 8th!

So Epic Reviewers what do you think of the new Green Machine?

Epic News: Thursday March 27th 2014

Want to know when the Simpsons Lego Figures will hit shelves? Want to see the first posters for The Wachowski's Jupiter Ascending and the film's new trailer? Want to see who America's next Iconic Late Night host might be? Want to see the latest images from Batman: Arkham Knight? You can find all that and more in the Thursday March 27th Edition of Epic News after the break….

Pearlescent Neon Green Kayin Kungaa, Sheldon Sabre, and Widowmaker Convention Exclusive 3-Pack from Mystical Warriors of the Ring by Fantastic Plastic Toys

     Earlier this month I posted some info on a new colorway for the three Mystical Warriors of the Ring figures that have been released in the PVC line so far. As a fan of this line (and all things M.U.S.C.L.E.y) I definitely wanted to get my hands on these convention exclusives that were available at KC Planet Comicon earlier this month and will be available April 27th-29 at Chicago's C2E2 ( in the Nerd City Booth 750, located in "THE BLOCK." I managed to get a set and I have to say that I love them! Kayin Kungaa, Sheldon Sabre, and Widowmaker look absolutely fantastic in this new color scheme. While it's only been about a year since MWOTR hit the toy scene, they've made some awesome progress with this line. I reviewed these guys in the "flesh" color scheme back in October, but I'll gladly take a swing at these little green guys, right after the break....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Epic News: Wednesday March 26th 2014

Want to know who Disney may want to be the next Indiana Jones? Want to see new trailers for 24:Die Another Day, Brett Ratner's Hercules, and the new Tom Cruise Science Fiction thriller Edge of Tomorrow?  Want to see what major DC character The Rock hints he is playing?  Find all that and more in the Wednesday March 26th 2014 Edition of Epic News after the break....

Action Figure Review: Hydron from Masters of the Universe Classics by Mattel

     I really like the New Adventures of He-Man. Sure, the cartoon's not the greatest and the toyline was pretty different from the vintage Masters of the Universe line, but there's something I love about the Conan inspired He-Man taking cues from other pulp heroes like Flash Gordon and John Carter of Mars and taking off into space. Some of my favorite releases in MOTUC have been the far too few New Adventures characters that have been worked into the line. Hydron here was originally released in the first series of New Adventures action figures in 1989 and was one of the main cast members on the Jetlag Productions animated series, so he's about as important of a character in that storyline as you're going to get, excluding He-Man and Skeletor of course. He's also wearing a diving suit. In space. Yeah, that might seem a bit strange, but think about how many planets have water? About 71 percent of Earth's surface is covered by water. What about Kamino? or Mon Calamari? Land on one of those planets and you're going to be wishing you were wearing a diving suit, too. Anyways, read to find out if ol' Hydron sinks or swims in MOTUC? Then join me after the break...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Epic Photo: Gotham's Penguin

FOX has revealed what Robin Lord Taylor's Version of Oswald Cobblepot AKA
The Penguin will look like in their upcoming Gotham Television series this Fall!

Slow Motion and the Epic Eva Green: 300 Rise of an Empire Review

Did 300: Rise of an Empire capture the green screen magic of the original?

    Many fans and critics alike shunned the idea of a 300 sequel, especially one without the direction of Zack Snyder.  While the 2007 original 300 film was groundbreaking and really brought the use of proper green screen back into the directing conscious after its misuse in the Star Wars prequels, since then many audiences have been burnt out on green screen filming, leading directors like Christopher Nolan to guide mainstream film making back to more natural settings.  So, seven years after Zack Snyder made the closest thing to a living comic book we had ever seen up until that point, was director Noam Murro able to recapture some of that same film making magic with Snyder only producing this time around?  Find out after the break….

Epic Photo: Gotham's Alfred

FOX has revealed the first pic Sean Pertwee as Alfred,
in the upcoming Gotham TV show out this Fall!

What do you fellow Epic Reviewers think? Does he look Pennyworth enough for you?

Epic News: Tuesday March 25th 2014

Want to see the latest X-men Days of Future Past poster?  Want to know when Prometheus 2 will hit theaters? Want to know if Captain America 2 will affect ABC's Agents of Shield? Want to know when Terminator 5 will start shooting?  Find all that and more in the Tuesday March 25th Edition of Epic News after the break….

Action Figure Review: The Unnamed One from Masters of the Universe Classics by Mattel

     The Masters of the Universe 2014 Subscription Exclusive, The Unnamed One, has just been released. Who exactly is the Unnamed One you might ask? How did he come to be? Where can you by him? All of these questions (and more!) surely must be flowing through your mind, so we're formatting this review in the form of an FAQ for your enjoyment and infotainment. Want to know who the Unnamed One is? Go On and Read this Post to find Out!

Who exactly is The Unnamed One?
     In one of the last minicomics released in the vintage Masters of the Universe toyline, The Powers of Grayskull: The Legend Begins!, writer Phil White began to introduce story elements that were intended to usher kids into the new Powers of Grayskull toyline. In the first of what was intended to be a three part story He-Man travels back to into Eternia's past by using the Cosmic Key in the Central Tower. There He-Man runs into the Snake Men and their leader, King Hisss, but he is unable to intervene in the affairs of the past. Skeletor makes his way back to the past as well, however, and is accepted as an ally by King Hiss. Meeting Skeletor, King Hiss thinks to himself, "Perhaps this is an emissary from the Unnamed One who we serve."
     And that's it! That's pretty much all we have ever really known about The Unnamed One since 1986 when that minicomic was released. Over time there have been numerous theories as to who the original Unnamed One was. According to various sources and quotes from various Mattel employees, it sounds like the Unnamed One might never have had an identity and was simply a mysterious allusion to something else. Others have connected the identity to Keldor, Hordak, and even an Emperor Palpatine like being who was the ultimate evil power in the universe. The name has definitely caused a great deal of speculation by fans and the character was planned to be explored in depth by the MVCreations comic series by Emilianio Santalucia and Val Staples. Alas, that never happened, but we do get an identity for the character in the MOTUC canon, first revealed with this figure! Find out after the break....

Monday, March 24, 2014

MUST WATCH: X-men Days of Future Past Trailer 2

Checkout the Epic new trailer for Bryan Singer's X-men Days of Future Past out May 23rd!

What do you fellow Epic Reviewers think of the 2nd trailer? 
Will this film make your list of most anticipated films of Summer 2014?

Epic Photo: The Rock as Hercules

Paramount has released the first official photo of The Rock as Hercules 
in the Brett Ratner Directed film due out July 25th!

What do you think Epic Reviewers does Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson make an Epic Hercules? 

Epic News: Monday March 24th 2014

In this Monday March 24th Edition of Epic News, hopefully we have just enough epic info. to jump start  your work week.  Want to know if Divergent can debut at Hunger Games-esque box-office levels? Want to see what Marvel has planned for Deadpool in their big Summer 2014 event Original Sin?  Want to see what moves HBO has made toward Game of Thrones season's 5 and 6?  Find all that and more after the break....

Confirmed Epic Podcast Episode 25: 300 Rise of an Empire

Does the Epic Eva Green make 300 Rise of an Empire worth it?

   The Reel Brad Bell has laryngitis in this one so Andrew Stokes and BBQ17 are left to handle things in the 25th episode of The Confirmed Epic Podcast where we finally review 300 Rise of an Empire. Believe me, you don’t want to miss our thoughts on Eva Green’s Epic performance in this sequel.  In Epic News this week we discuss: a possible Game of Thrones feature film, Star Wars Episode 7 being set 30 years after Return of the Jedi, Phil Lord and Chris Miller potentially replacing Ivan Reitman as the Director of Ghostbusters 3, and the latest Jurassic World casting news.  We also talk about what we have been checking out: Moth Man books, spectator video gaming, and our favorite childhood lunch boxes.

(Remember to email any questions or comments about the podcast to and we will read your questions or comments on the next episode, also feel free to leave a comment about this episode below!) 

(You can also find the Confirmed Epic Podcast on iTunes, just search for "thepicreview")

(Editors Note: If you have any problems with the link either install adobe flash player or if you are listening from a phone simply follow the direct link to our audio here: Thank You!) 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our apologies Andrew Garfield

    Last week on the first ever edition of The Confirmed Crap podcast we discussed a story circulating the internet.  That reportedly Andrew Garfield who portrays Spiderman currently in the Marc Webb series of Spiderman films bailed on an Oscar skit he was supposed to do leukemia survivor  Miles Scott aka Batkid.  The rumor was Garfield pitched some sort of tantrum leaving Batkid in tears after he walked out on Miles due to the fact that he did not like the skit the academy had written for him to perform with Miles at this year's Oscars.  Some reports were that Garfield's Spidey co-star and girlfriend Emma Stone had a personal emergency, which is why he had to bail on the skit.  The facts are that none of these reported rumors that lead to us being pretty harsh on Garfield in last week's podcast were true.  According to USA Today it was the Academies decision to pull the plug on the skit not Garfield's, and to make up for it they sent Miles and his family to Disneyland all expenses paid.  What we didn't know when we recorded that podcast was the fact that Andrew Garfield drove to Disneyland to spend the day with Miles and his family even bringing them a personalized Spidey gift to make up for the Oscar skit being cut and the false backlash that surrounded the last minute edit.  We here at the epic review will all sleep better tonight knowing that the man who currently dons the Spidey tights truly does understand that with great power comes great responsibility.  In closing The Epic Review and it's writers would like to extend it's sincerest apologies to Andrew Garfield, Miles Scott, and all parties involved in the misunderstanding!  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Epic Photo: Carmen Bicondova as Gotham's Catwoman

Fox has revealed what Selina Kyle/Catwoman will look like on their Gotham TV show.  
Carmen Bicondova's Catwoman will prowl the streets of Gotham this Fall!

My Top 10 Individual Toys of 2013

      I'll be honest: I meant to publish this list a month or two ago. Oh well. Thes eare still a list of toys I loved in 2013. I already did a list of my top 10 toylines of 2013, but not every toy I loved was from a larger line where I loved or collected nearly every release. I've already covered my Top 10 Toy lines of 2013, so now it's time to cover individual figures that didn't fit in that category. These are individual figures, statues, and mini-figures that stood out on their own merits and kept my attention even without a full, robust line or other figures that I was interested in. Here are my favorites for 2013, in no particuar order!

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Play Arts Kai
Lara Croft was one of the first action figures I reviewed here on ThEpic Review. While she was released by herself during the summer, Lara first showed up in early 2013 as a pack in with the Tomb Raider: Survival Edition video game. Incredibly well articulated, armed to the teeth, and lots of fun to pose, Lara was an early favorite in the year that managed to hang around for the long haul. Check out the review here!
More after the break....

Giant Sized Epic News: Friday March 21st 2014

Want to see an Epic Captain America 2 Poster? Want the latest on who may direct Ghostbusters 3?  Could their possibly be a Game of Thrones feature film? Want to know what DC's newest Justice League comic will be?  Find all that and more in this Giant Sized TGIF Friday March 21st 2014 edition of epic news after the break…..

Action Figure Review: Colonel Stars and Stripes from Kick-Ass 2 by NECA

     I actually haven't seen Kick-Ass 2 yet, and even if you haven't either you are probably still familiar with this character from both the trailers for the film and the various news stories where Jim Carrey pulled his support of the film less than a month before it was released because of the film's violence. Colonel Stars and Stripes is played by Carrey and is the leader of the team Justice Forever. In the comics there were actually two characters, Colonel Stars and, his brother, Lieutenant Stripes, but the film chose to combine the characters. Together with his German Shepard, Eisenhower, Colonel Stars and Stripes is ready to dish out some American justice on any baddies. Ready for a look at this cool new figure from NECA's second series of Kick-Ass 2 action figures? Then join me after the break....

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blu-Review: The World's End

     Sometimes you just don't get a chance to go out and see a film you're really itching to see. That happened to me with The World's End last summer. Being a huge fan of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz (the first two films in director Edgar Wright's loosely related "Three Flavours Cornetto" trilogy) I was anxiously awaiting the release of The World's End but somehow could never find the time to go and see it in theaters. I'm glad I finally picked it up on Blu-ray, though, because it was easily one of the best movies of 2013 and definitely would have ranked in my top ten. It has been almost 10 years since Shaun of the Dead was released (15 years since Spaced!) and the familiar duo of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are back in a tale that deals with growing older, reconnecting with people from their past, addiction, dusting off old dreams, and the feelings of alienation experienced when revisiting their hometown. And yes, it's also a sci-fi/action/comedy about a pub crawl gone awry. I feel like The World's End really is a film that's better if you go into it knowing as little as possible, so be warned about some spoilers after the break...

Action Figure Review: Luke Skywalker (Bespin) from Star Wars Black by Hasbro

     I think Luke Skywalker's Bespin outfit is my favorite look for him in the entire trilogy. Maybe it's because The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite Star Wars film or because the Bespin duel is pretty much my favorite scene in the entire saga, but I've always gravitated towards this look. It's quite simple and clean and really reflects the lived in, worn look of the Original Trilogy. It's interesting, too, that it kind of serves as a visual bridge between Luke's farm boy outfit in A New Hope and Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi robes. It's still simple and plain like Luke's farm boy outfit, but it also loses the white color and moves more towards the tan scheme of Obi-Wan. If watching the films in the original order, one might see a reflection of Obi-Wan and Yoda's color schemes in Luke's attire. It also stands out as being much more utilitarian, earthy than the clean, "modern" appearance of Bespin. Anyways, I love this look and it was definitely one of the Star Wars Black figures I was most looking towards. How did this figure turn out? Find out after the break...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Imperial Scanning Crew from Star Wars: The Vintage Collection by Hasbro

     I absolutely loved the Star Wars Vintage Collection figures that Hasbro released a few years ago. They were a perfect combination of awesome, well accessorized Star Wars figures in very nostalgic, vintage styled packaging. While that line sort of just disappeared (with later releases harder to find than Bigfoot), K-Mart has continued to offer some excellent Vintage Collection exclusives. Around Christmas I found both of the exclusives I was looking for: the Death Star Scanning Crew and the Imperial Scanning Crew. While both sets are designed to complement one another, today I'm specifically looking at the Imperial Scanning Crew. Based on the scene in Episode IV: A New Hope where the Millennium Falcon gets captured by the Death Star's tractor beam and the Empire sends a scanning crew into the ship to search for Han Solo and company, the Imperial Scanning Crew offers one of the two Imperial Technicians and one of the Stormtrooper's that stands guard outside of the ship, Stormtrooper TK-421. While I was excited to get this set because of the scanning crew (it's been one of those sets that has been floating around for a long time without a scheduled release), it was the fact that this set actually came with a Stormtrooper named TK-421 that send me into complete nerd nirvana. That is just such a cool detail! Ready to take a look at these two loyal Imperial troopers? Then join me after the break...

Epic Photo: 1st look at Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock in FOX's Gotham TV Show

Fox has released the first photo of Ben Mckenzie as James Gordon and 
Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock in Fox's upcoming Gotham TV show out this Fall!

What do you Fellow Epic Reviewers think?  How do the look of these characters compare to other recent comic book TV adaptations we have seen?

Epic News: Wednesday March 19th 2014

Want to find out when Star Wars Episode 7 will take place?  Want the latest update on Ghostbusters 3?  Want the latest on an Incredibles Sequel?  Want to see the latest Captain America Hot Toy?  Interested in another 616 and Ultimate Marvel Universe Spidermen Crossover?  Find all that and more in the Wednesday March 19th 2014 edition of Epic News after the break.... 

Must Watch: Sneak Peek at Avenger's Age of Ultron

Last night at the end of an 1 hour documentary entitled Assembling A Universe, Marvel Studios gave fans their first ever glimpse at Avengers 2 Age of Ultron.  Check it out!

Action Figure Review: Stormtrooper from Star Wars Black by Hasbro

     Is there any nameless, faceless troop that comes to mind more quickly when army building is mentioned than the Stormtroopers? While it always seemed like a cool idea to have more Foot Soldiers, Putty Patrollers, or Cobra Vipers, the only figure I recall having multiples of as a kid were the Stormtroopers from the Power of the Force II line. There's just something about these guys that makes them look even cooler en masse. Interestingly, while Stormtroopers were part of the first series of figures in the original vintage toyline in 1978 and the first series of figures in the Power of the Force II relaunch in 1995, Hasbro started the 6 inch Black series off with the Sandtrooper. Finally, though, we're getting the Stormtrooper. Of course, being both an army builder and the best figure in series 3, the Stormtrooper is the hardest figure to find. While Hasbro cut each series of figures down to only three figures from four, they didn't choose to repack the fourth slot in a case with another figure from the newest series (because adding an extra Stormtrooper in would make too much sense). Instead, they've added an extra Han Solo into the series three cases.Yup, the Stormtrooper is not an easy guy to get. Interested in knowing if he is worth tracking down and adding to your collection? Then read on and find out after the break...     

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Movie Review: The Beyond (AKA Seven Doors of Death)

  The Beyond (also released as Seven Doors of Death) has been praised by some horror fans as director Lucio Fulci's masterpiece. Combining his more sinister, arcane tales of the occult and portals to Hell with his more popular zombie films, The Beyond manages to be just as creepy and disturbing as it is gory. And let me warn you, The Beyond is gory. We're talking grindhouse style eyeballs removed from eye sockets and people being eaten bite by bite by spiders gory. We're talking dogs eating blind people and people getting melted by acid. This is the kind of film that will make you sit there and both quiver and shiver (most films opt for either one or the other!) until the very last frame. Ready for a brief look at 1981's The Beyond? Then join me after the break...

Epic News: Tuesday March 18th 2014

    Want to see Marc Webb's Plans for The Amazing Spiderman 4? How about Director James Mangold's plans for a Sequel to The Wolverine? Want to see what NECA has planned for the 2014 Godzilla film? Find all that and more in this Tuesday March 17th 2014 edition of Epic News after the break....

Action Figure Review: Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars Black by Hasbro

    Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi was quite possibly the best casting in the Star Wars prequels. In The Phantom Menace he was excellent as a young Jedi padawan on the verge of becoming a Jedi Knight. Say what you want about Attack of the Clones, but by that film McGregor really put his stamp on the role while still capturing the playfulness, patience, and secretiveness that Sir Alec Guinness used to make Obi-Wan such an intriguing, mysterious character. By Revenge of the Sith I felt that Gregor was somehow actually channeling the late Guinness; I imagine that kids in future generations watching the films chronologically might not realize that Obi-Wan was actually played by two different actors! All of that being said, I think that this Revenge of the Sith version of Obi-Wan Kenobi's inclusion in Star Wars Black is completely justified. While I've seen some collectors try to argue that Star Wars Black should only be characters from the original films, I like the mixture of prequel and original trilogy characters. Since reviewing Star Wars Black series 2 back in October and November, however, my thoughts on the line have changed a bit due to Hasbro's weird new case packs and the definite lack of accessories included with most releases. I'll try to touch on these during the review, though. Ready for a look at Ob-Wan Kenobi, the renowned Jedi Knight from the planet Stewjon? Then join me after the break...

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Confirmed Crap Podcast Episode 1

This Episode of the Confirmed Epic Podcast in no longer available,
please email if you would like a copy!

The true Dr. Curt Connor's: Dylan Baker!

    The Epic Review is proud (or maybe not so proud) to introduce the inaugural edition of the Confirmed Crap Podcast.  The Confirmed Crap Podcast is a spin-off podcast of our traditional Confirmed Epic Podcast.  Rather than our traditional formal format in this podcast we constantly jump around to an array of collecting, comic, TV, and film topics as well as share with you what we think are some hilarious geeky stories and dilemmas from our own lives that we are sure you can relate to.  Normally this is the part where we tell you what you can expect in this podcast, however think of the Confirmed Crap Podcast as a blind bag of Epic goodness.  You know you are going get plenty of Epic geek commentary, but you will just have to click play to find out what lies beyond the wall!  

(You can now find the Confirmed Epic Podcast on iTunes, just search for "thepicreview")

(Editors Note: If you have any problems with the link either install adobe flash player or if you are listening from a phone simply follow the direct link to our audio here: Thank You!) 

Epic News Monday March 16th

The Epic Review would like to dedicate this edition of Epic News to SHIELD for making our world a safer place!  Want to know who won the weekend box-office? Want to see what big cover event DC has planned for the NEW 52 in June? Want to know what Oscar winning actress might play the next great Sith Lord or Jedi?  Find all that and more in this Monday March 17th 2014 edition of Epic News after the break....

Micro Monday: Mighty Max Hammers Ax-Man from Mighty Max by Bluebird/ Mattel

     I've been getting some great feedback from readers and it seems that many of you love Micro Monday! I love it too, as these old Mighty Max sets are just a ton of fun to review and share with you all. While I love picking up and reviewing the newest toylines, some of these classic lines are just as fun to collect and review as well, especially when it's a set I either have really strong childhood memories of (Skull Dungeon) or a set that I never owned as a child and am now experiencing for the first time (Lockjaw). Today's set is another series two Horror Head that I never owned as a childhood: Mighty Max Hammers Ax-Man! It's another wonderfully gruesome playset that features a really neat villain figure. Ready for a look at this set? Then join me after the break...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Update on North Carolina Brony Michael: Positive News!

     Hey everyone! Back in February we reported on a really sad story about a young boy named Michael Morones who attempted suicide. It was reported that Michael was bullied at school, quite possibly due to his love of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and his labeling of himself as a brony (a label worn by millions of male and adult fans of the show). Today, fortunately, we've got some better news for you! On Monday, it seems that Michael has begun to substantially move his arms and balance his head a bit. These might seem like small steps but they really indicate that Michael is indeed improving. Here's a quick update from Michael's family, after the break....

Must Watch: Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies Trailer

Written and Directed by Christ Knotts checkout the epic trailer for Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies!
For more information visit the film's site to see when you can see this masterpiece in the making!
The films features: Rowdy Piper, Hacksaw Jim Dugan, Kurt Angle, and Matt Hardy among others.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Epic News: Friday March 14th 2014

Happy TGIF Epic Reviewers.  Epics news is back today answer questions such as:  When will Captain America 3 be out?  Who will play the lead in Star Wars Episode 7? And what beloved actor just joined the new Terminator film?  Find all this and more in this Friday March 14th Edition of Epic News after the break....

Action Figure Review: Deadshot from Arkham Origins by DC Collectibles

     Let's hope that this is just a fluke and not a sign that DC Collectibles is having widespread quality control issues again, but the left arm of my Deadshot figure was completely snapped off at the shoulder in the package. As some of you might remember from last year, I had some major breakage issues with both my Talia al Ghul and Deadshot figures from Arkham City series four as well as the Arkham Asylum Killer Croc arm breakage that nearly everyone had. Fortunately, later last year I was convinced that DC Collectibles had gotten QC under control and I ended up purchasing many of their products. They have lots of stuff that I'm looking forward to this year as well, so the fact that a breakage issue popped up again definitely concerns me a bit. Granted, I've now reviewed all of Arkham Origins series four and Deadshot is the only problematic figure I've encountered (other than Deathstroke's sword) so let's hope that this is just a fluke. I have a replacement figure on the way from Big Bad Toy Store, so I'll post an update when he arrives. Ready for a closer look at Deadshot here? Then join me after the break....

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Epic Photo: Matt Ryan as NBC's Constantine

NBC has given us their first look at their Constantine: Matt Ryan.

NBC's version of Constantine hit's the air Fall 2014! 

New Lucky Green Zombie Pheyden and Leafy Green Brocotal from October Toys

     Last year some of you may remember me raving over both OMFG series three and Baby Deadbeet from October toys. I'm a lover of all minifigures that remind me of M.U.S.C.L.E., Monster in My Pocket, and other classic minifigure lines, so these really get me pumped. Here's the details straight from October Toys themselves:

     "Meet Brocotal – our newest OTMFG mini figure! Half vegetable, half gnome, he’ll steal your whole heart!
     Brocotal is made of PVC, stands 1.5″ tall, and was designed/sculpted by George Gaspar. Zombie Pheyden towers over him at just over 2″ tall and was designed by Matt Doughty/L’amour Supreme/sculpted by George Gaspar. Both figures ship loose (no packaging) and can be yours for only $2 each!
     Lucky Green Zombie Pheyden & Leafy Green Brocotal will be available at 12 pm (noon) PST on Saturday March 15th right here. Mark your calendars!"

I don't have a Pheyden and definitely need Brocotal, so I'll definitely be there Saturday! Visit October Toys for more details!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Epic News: Wednesday March 12th 2014

    Want to see who the new Fletch will be?  Want to know who might play Dr. Doom in the Fantastic 4 reboot?  Want to see what Epic Alien product Sideshow has planned?  Do you just have to see one more Noah trailer? Want to know when you can finally see Batman and The Green Hornet reunite? Find all that and more in the Wednesday March 12th 2014 Edition of Epic News after the break.....

Action Figure Review: Firefly from Batman: Arkham Origins by DC Collectibles

     First appearing in Detective Comics #184 in 1952, Firefly is not one of Batman's more well known enemies. Honestly, I'd probably put him on the C-list. He's not completely obscure as he was featured in The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Justice League and played a pretty major role in the Knightfall and Batgirl: Year One, but it's still great to see him getting some more exposure through his appearance in Batman: Arkham Origins. While not the most recognizable of the eight assassins hired by Black Mask to kill Batman on Christmas Eve in Gotham City, I think I can safely say that Firefly ends up giving Batman the best boss battle of the game. I'm always excited to get a Batman villain who we haven't seen too often before (or at all) in action figure form. While a Firefly action figure was released in Mattel's The Batman and The Dark Knight lines (even though he never appeared in the film), this is the first time we've received this character in the 6-7 inch scale that most Batman fans collect in. Ready for a look at Firefly? Then join me after the break....

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

EPIC Photo: Grant Gustin's full CW Flash Costume

The CW has finally revealed the full Flash outfit in all it's glory for it's upcoming Flash TV Series!  Grant Gustin speeds to the CW's version of Central City as the Flash this Fall!

Epic News Tuesday March 11th 2014

    Today's Tuesday March 14th 2014 Edition of Epic News is brought to you by Oscorp.  Want to know who really owns He-man?  Want to see what Mondo has planned for Gareth Evans 2014 Godzilla remake?  Want to see the big plans Diamond Select figures have for 2014? Interested to know what Marvel will finally do with it's beloved Ultimate Line?  Find all that and more after the break....

Action Figure Review: Deathstroke from Batman: Arkham Origins by DC Collectibles

     Another of the eight assassins hired by the Black Mask to take down Batman on Christmas Eve, Deathstroke makes his first Arkham-verse appearance in DC Collectibles' Batman: Arkham Origins series 2. This is not the first Deathstroke from Arkham Origins, however; back in November Mattel released Deathstroke and Batman based on their appearance in Arkham Origins as the final two releases in the Batman Unlimited line.  There have been quite a few Deathstroke figures lately, proving that Slade Wilson is a popular guy and fantastically designed character. I've reviewed the New 52 Deathstroke but never picked up Mattel's Arkham Origins version as I was holding out for this guy. How does he compare? Join me after the break and find out...

Monday, March 10, 2014

Action Figure Review: Killer Croc from Batman: Arkham Origins by DC Collectibles

    Arkham Week continues at ThEpic Review with a look at Killer Croc from DC Collectibles' Batman: Arkham Origins series 2. Killer Croc, A.K.A. Waylon Jones, is one of the eight assassins hired by the Black Mask to kill Batman on Christmas Eve in Gotham during the events of Arkham Origins. Croc's appearances have always waivered between two looks: a more humanoid look with no tail and a more human face and a truer crocodile like appearance with a longer snout and a tail. While Arkham Asylum and Arkham City (which in continuity take place after the events of Arkham Origins) feature a more crocodile like Waylon Jones, Arkham Origins presents him in his more humanoid form. He's still massive and scaly with reptillian eyes, but he isn't yet the full blow beast that we know he'll become. Ready for a look at Killer Croc? Then join me after the break...

Epic News: Monday March 10th 2014

Want to know if a 300 sequel could conquer the Weekend box-office? Want to hear the latest from Carrie Fisher regarding the filming of Star Wars Episode 7? Want to see what Hot Toys has planned for Captain America The Winter Soldier? Want to see more Disney Mondo Posters?  Find all that after the break in the Monday March 10th edition of Epic News!....

Micro Monday: Mighty Max Escapes from Skull Dungeon from Mighty Max by Bluebird/ Mattel

 Today for Micro Monday I'm reviewing what very well might be my favorite Mighty Max set ever: Mighty Max Escapes from Skull Dungeon. Everything about this set except for Dr. Gore (my original broke) is original to my childhood. I've always loved this set for a multitude of reasons: the exterior of the case actually ties into the play area of the set, the inside is loaded with fun play features, and it has a great creepy mad scientist/ Frankenstein's monster vibe going on. Despite some of the larger and more impressive sets that came later on in the line, I've always held that this Doom Zone was the quite possibly the pinnacle of Mighty Max design. My friend and Mighty Max collecting colleague John Gaither recently covered this set over at The Clawful Punch but I love it so much that I wanted to cover it as well. This wasn't my first Mighty Max Doom Zone, but it may have been my second (it was either this or Palace of Poison). Some collectors have claimed a similarity to this and Castle Grayskull but I just don't see it beyond both things simply being giant skull. Ready for a trip inside the Skull Dungeon? Then join me after the break....

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Action Figure Review: Dr Hugo Strange from Arkham City by DC Collectibles

     Dr. Hugo Strange is one of Batman's earliest villains and yet he rarely gets the same respect those other guys do. First appearing in Detective Comics # 36 in early 1940, Professor Hugo Strange was kind of a stereotypical mad scientist. Over time, however, he became a more cunning foe to the Batman; it is no stretch to say that Strange became obsessed with Batman. The only Hugo Strange figure we've received in the past has been from DC Direct's Secret Files line and featured Strange in the Batman costume he often wore around his home. It took Strange's appearance as one of the main antagonists in Arkham City and an opportunity for a SDCC exclusive to finally get Bat-fans a quite definitive Hugo Strange for their shelves. Released as an exclusive for SDCC 2013 by DC Collectibles as part of their Arkham City line, this figure fills a major gap not just in an Arkham collection but in any Batman collection in general. Ready for a look at Dr. Hugo Strange? Then join me after the break....

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Action Figure Review: Anarky from Batman: Arkham Origins by DC Collectibles


    If you want proof that DC Direct/ DC Collectibles' Arkham lines could be the greatest Batman action figure collection ever, just consider this: they've made Anarky. Not only am I impressed by the fantastic Arkham videogame series Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Origins (I'm totally looking forward to the upcoming Arkham Knight- check out the trailer) but I'm impressed by how deep DC Collectibles seems to be going with this line. While the first series for Arkham Origins included mainstays like Joker, Black Mask, and Bane, the second series has some truly interesting characters that don't often get made into toys like Firefly, Deadshot, and Anarky. Anarky has long been one of my favorite characters for Batman to interact with because he's like Bruce Wayne in his passion for justice, but he has totally different ideas about what that means. While he's still a vigilante, Bruce ultimately trusts law and order to solve society's problems; Anarky sees law and order as the cause of those problems. Created by Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle for Detective Comics #608 in 1989, Anarky is Lonnie Machin, a brilliant teenager who has read a few too many radical manifestos. While Anarky has appeared in far more comics than you would probably expect, he's never been one of Batman's A or B list foes. Due to his appearances in Beware the Batman and Arkham Origins, though, Anarky seems to be moving up in the world a bit. Ready for a look at this mighty cool figure? Then join me after the break...