Epic News: Monday March 31st 2014

Want to know who won the weekend box-office?  Want to see the latest Captain America Hot Toy? Want the scoop on a brand new superhero being introduced into the DCU? Want to know when Marvel will finally reveal the origin of The Watcher?  Want to know when Scarlett Johansson is getting her own solo superhero film?  Find all that and more in the Monday March 31st Edition of Epic News after the break....

Epic Collecting News:

Hot Toys has revealed their Winter Soldier figure,
available for pre-order now at Sideshow for $240 this epic figure will ship February 2015!

SH Monsterarts has revealed a new Godzilla figure 
available for pre-order soon at BBTS!

Sideshow has revealed their new Red Hulk Premium Format Figure,
shipping in September but available for pre-order now at BBTS!

ThreeZero has announced they will be making Titanfall Figures!

Epic Comicbook News:

Marvel is kicking off their big Summer Event Original Sin
with a 0 issue April 23rd that explores the background of The Watcher.
The book will be written by Mark Waid with Art by Jim Cheung.

Marvel has revealed an Original Sin FF teaser, foreshadowing how
their next big Summer event could impact Marvel's first family!

Dark Horse has announced Eric Powell's creator owned horror comic,
the Goon will finally return June 25th! 

Jeff Lemire has added a new character to the DCU,Equinox is a superhero 
whose powers change depending on the season and will debut in Justice League United #0.

Epic Film and TV News:

A Great Flood was enough to wash away Divergent from top box-office spot!:
#1: Noah ($44 Million)
#2: Divergent ($26.5 Million) 
#3: Muppet's Most Wanted ($11.3 Million) 

Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara says expect an major announcement
regarding the DC Cinematic Universe soon! 

Kevin Costner says he is developing his own 4 part Western TV 
Mini Series that he plans to direct and star in!

Paramount has released a new pretty darn 
good studio poster for Transformers 4!

Rumor is after The Expendables 3 that Mel Gibson's next
film make be a Taken like filmed entitled Blood Father!

Peter Dinklage has joined the Adam Sandler 
video game comedy Pixels.

Dako Okeniyi AKA Thresh from The Hunger Games
has joined the cast of Terminator Genesis.  T5 opens July 2015!

WB has released two new Transcendence viral videos, the film opens April 18th!

Thanks to EW we have the 1st pic for the new Scarlett Johansson
Superhero film out August 8th entitled Lucy!

Comedian TJ Miller has joined the voice-cast of Marvel's first feature 
animated film Big Hero 6 out November 7th!

The finale may have been last night, but it's never too late to checkout some
Walking Dead finale posters thanks to MTV!

We hope all the Epic Things life has to offer makes your Monday a little Easier! 


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