Epic News: Thursday March 27th 2014

Want to know when the Simpsons Lego Figures will hit shelves? Want to see the first posters for The Wachowski's Jupiter Ascending and the film's new trailer? Want to see who America's next Iconic Late Night host might be? Want to see the latest images from Batman: Arkham Knight? You can find all that and more in the Thursday March 27th Edition of Epic News after the break….

Epic Collecting News:

Lego has revealed their first set of Lego mini-figures due out this May!

Sideshow has revealed their new Saruman Premium Format Figure,
available for pre-order soon at BBTS!

Mcfarlane has revealed their Black and White Rick and Andrea Figuresfrom The Walking Dead Comic.  You can pre-order them now at BBTS, they will ship in June for $35!

Epic Comic Book News:

IDW Has a new Mars Attack comic planned Entitled: First Born.
The comic will hit shops this June!

Epic Film and TV News:

Amy Acker who plays Root on Person of Interest will play Agent Phil Coulson's
Cellist Girlfriend in an upcoming episode of Marvel's Agents of Shield on ABC!

Checkout the 1st Posters for Jupiter Ascending,
The Wachowski's new sic-fi film opens July 18th!

Checkout the new Jupiter Ascending Trailer too!

Michael Bay has confirmed that Transformers 4 will be one of
the first feature film's to utilize the new Dolby Atmos sound system!

The Rock says he doesn't think that Director John Chu will be
to shoot GI Joe 3 by January 2015 like Paramount wants!  

Rumor is AMC wants Kevin Smith to be the host
of their new nightly late-night show!

AMC has renewed Comic Book Men for a 4th Season!

AMC is developing a new spin-off show about Comic-Book Men's
Collectible Expert: Rob Bruce!

New Girl Star: Jake Johnson has been confirmed for an
unknown role in Jurassic World out July 12th 2015!

Batman Arkham Knight:

Rocksteady has released a few new Epic Screenshots for Batman:
Arkham Knight hitting PS4 and XBOX1 this Fall!

Have an EPIC Thursday Everyone!


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