Epic News: Wednesday March 12th 2014

    Want to see who the new Fletch will be?  Want to know who might play Dr. Doom in the Fantastic 4 reboot?  Want to see what Epic Alien product Sideshow has planned?  Do you just have to see one more Noah trailer? Want to know when you can finally see Batman and The Green Hornet reunite? Find all that and more in the Wednesday March 12th 2014 Edition of Epic News after the break.....

Epic Collecting News:

Sideshow is releasing a Legendary Scale Big Chap Alien Bust!

Epic Comic Book News:

Marvel will Debut a new Hulk Series this June entitled: Savage Hulk.
The book will be written by: Jim Starlin with Art by: Alan Davis!

Marvel's Iron Fist the living Weapon #1
Written and Illustrated by Kaare Andrews will hit Comic Shops April 9th!

Kevin Smith will return to comics do a Batman 66 and Green Hornet crossover May 21st!

Starting today Marvel is rebooting it's Secret Avengers title once again!

Epic Film News:

The List of Actors to play Dr. Doom in Josh Trank's Fantastic 4 Reboot is down to 4 relatively  unknowns:

Domnhall Gleeson

Toby Kebbell

Eddie Redmayne

Sam Riley

The film Opens June 19th 2015!

Checkout the logo for Fox's upcoming Gotham TV Show out this Fall!

Rumor is Sinister Director Scott Derrickson may helm the Dr. Strange film for Marvel Studios!


WB has just enough for one last Noah trailer, this time introduced by Emma Watson.
Darren Aronofsky's Biblical Epic opens March 28th! 

Jason Sudekis will play Fletch in the upcoming Fletch reboot: Fletch Won!

Happy Hump Day Fellow Epic Reviewers!


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