Epic Photo: Matt Ryan as NBC's Constantine

NBC has given us their first look at their Constantine: Matt Ryan.

NBC's version of Constantine hit's the air Fall 2014! 


  1. That's Constantine. He's not a hard character to nail a costume for or anything but I like how recognizable he is. I think Constantine/ Hellblazer will translate much better to a television series than many of the other comic book based shows in production right now.

  2. They're not too far off I feel but wasn't Constantine just a bit older...grittier lines on his face, his clothes worn & unkempt looking like he smelled of old cigarettes & sipping whiskey...this guy looks like a fratboy version of Connie.....but yeah they're in the ballpark....Neo Constantine w/an American accent didn't work for me either might as well take any guy off the street & call him Connie....NBC? I'm not betting on gritty or close to the source material...I need demons & plenty of lunacy & cocknied expletives that would make the queen mother blush....

  3. Well, one of the interesting things with the Hellblazer series was that Constantine pretty much aged in real time so he started off much younger than we typically see him now. He was closer to 35 when the series began and aged over time until he was in his 60's. He also definitely became more rumpled and gritty over time, so perhaps that will change over time as well. Could be used as a character development kind of thing.


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