New Mystical Warriors of the Ring Colorway: Pearlescent Neon Green

     Are you going to be attending either KC Planet Comicon or C2E2 in Chicago this spring? If so, you're going to have the truly epic opportunity to the Fantastic Plastic Toys booth where you can snag the latest new color scheme for Mystical Warriors of the Ring. Kayin Kungaa, Sheldon Sabre, and Widowmaker will be available as a set in a beautiful pearlescent neon green. Not only do these guys look awesome in this new color scheme, but it sounds like there are some other cool MWOTR goodies that will be present. Check out what Fantastic Plastic had to say (and more pictures) after the break...

Cover for the MWOTR anthology

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day Mystical Warriors of the Ring will be releasing a Pearlescent Neon Green PVC 3 Pack for $9.00 at:
 KC Planet Comicon ( - True Cast Studio Booth 330 3/14-3/16

Chicago's C2E2 ( - Nerd City Booth 750 in "THE BLOCK" 4/25-4/27

     In addition to that we will have our life sized AWF Championship Belt, a prototype (and possibly production versions) of our AWF Playmat, a new Graphic Novel anthology of our first 3 issues, and a few other surprises meant for Con attendees

The MWOTR playmat
     If you aren't familiar with this ultra cool line inspired by great toylines of the past such as M.U.S.C.L.E. and Monster in MY Pocket, check out our review of the NYCC exclusive set of Kayin Kungaa, Sheldon Sabre, and Widowmaker here.  Also, make sure to head on over to the Mystical Warriors of the Ring website for more info and some awesome art! 


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