The Confirmed Crap Podcast Episode 1

This Episode of the Confirmed Epic Podcast in no longer available,
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The true Dr. Curt Connor's: Dylan Baker!

    The Epic Review is proud (or maybe not so proud) to introduce the inaugural edition of the Confirmed Crap Podcast.  The Confirmed Crap Podcast is a spin-off podcast of our traditional Confirmed Epic Podcast.  Rather than our traditional formal format in this podcast we constantly jump around to an array of collecting, comic, TV, and film topics as well as share with you what we think are some hilarious geeky stories and dilemmas from our own lives that we are sure you can relate to.  Normally this is the part where we tell you what you can expect in this podcast, however think of the Confirmed Crap Podcast as a blind bag of Epic goodness.  You know you are going get plenty of Epic geek commentary, but you will just have to click play to find out what lies beyond the wall!  

(You can now find the Confirmed Epic Podcast on iTunes, just search for "thepicreview")

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  1. You know when I watched the Toby Spiderman & saw Baker as Curt Connor part of me, went all super nerd inside, I wanted to jab my buddy in the ribs next to me & say "that's the Lizard" I was already getting ready for him to find some misfortune & wind up on the wrong side of Spidey but alas they went another direction & you know how that turned out...we got Chubby Doc Oct....which wasn't an horrible movie but they could've done so much more w/the Lizard the 1st time around...I have never watched the Amazing Spiderman movie & prolly won't watch the sequel either....I wish they would give the franchise back to Disney we could see the who Marvel family make small or big appearances in their cinematic forays.....

  2. Thanks for listening Guitardevil! Just watch 20 minutes of The Amazing Spiderman and you will be begging for Fat Doc Ock again!


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