Check it out: Mondo Children of Men Poster

   Mondo is finally taking a shot at Alfonso Cuaron's modern post apocalyptic classic Children of Men.  The poster is by Mondo great Ken Taylor.  It measures 21.5 by 36 inches, the grey version will have a run 375 and 200 of the blood red variant will be made.  Unfortunately for now the posters will only be available at Ken Taylor's upcoming Mondo Gallery show in Austin Texas through June 21st.  However look for the Mondo website to sell a few of these later this Summer.  Considering the Ken Taylor is one of the Mondo great's and the popularity of Children of Men look for this one to quickly become a grail piece and skyrocket in price on the secondary market.  So if you want one get it ASAP whether it's through Mondo or Evil Bay the sooner the better on this one!  Thanks to SLASHFILM for debuting this epic poster!


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