Check it out: Mondo Reveals Epic New Ken Taylor Posters

The Julie Newmar 1966 Catwoman print measures 24x36.  
The orange is the Reg. with an edition size of 275.  The orange variant will have and edition size of 125.  

Fight Club, Regular, 24x36, Edition of 400

Fight Club, 24x36, Variant, Edition of 175

With the Predator poster the Red and White are Variants with the purple versions being the Regular.  
Edition Size and Measurements for these are unknown.

Frankenstein, it is unknown at this time which is the Reg. and which is the variant.  Both will measure24x36 with the variant having an edition size of 175 and the reg. having one of 375.

    These posters represent legendary Mondo Artist Ken Taylor at the top of his game.  Ken has always thrived at capturing the most beautiful environments of each film he does a poster for.  The Fight Club piece in particular looks like it will become a grail among Mondo collectors, such a subtle way to capture such an Epic film.  While Taylor doesn't always do character work he really captured the classiness of the 1966 Julie Newmar Catwoman with that piece.  As of now all of these Epic Mondo Poster's are only available at the Ken Taylor Art Show at the Mondo Gallery in Austin Texas.  However look for these to be on sale soon at the Mondo Store.


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