Check it out: New Marvel Legends X-men Toys R' US Exclusives


     Hasbro has revealed their next line of Marvel Legends will be based on Marvel Now Era X-men.  Unfortunately just like the All New X-men line this year from Marvel Legends these will be a Toys R' US exclusive.  It is unknown at this time whether these will be in a single collectible case like the All New X-men line or available on an individual basis, although the build a figure would indicate individual figures. The line includes: Cyclops, Unmasked Wolverine, Storm, Stryfe, Magneto, and build a figure Jubilee which you can see below.  Considering their is a pretty nice Wolverine figure in this line, the sure to be very popular Jubilee build a figure, and the exclusive status of this line look for these to be pretty tough to find when they hit Toys R' US shelves this July!


  1. I like the Wolverine and Magneto....The Storm is not too bad but was never a fan of hers....The Cyclops is "So-So" again not character i was a fan of but i do like some of his different costumes/uniforms...Stryfe could be actually decent and with Jubilee i would loved to have seen her in the original "Robin inspired" outfit but this one is close.


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