Must Watch: Transformers Age of Extinction Trailer 2

     Late last night Paramount premiered the 2nd trailer for Transformers 4 Age of Extinction.  Not that I was too hopeful for this movie in the first place, but this trailer just does more to confirm that pessimism.  Beyond the subtraction of Shia Labeouf and the addition of the Dino-bots their just isn't that much to get excited about here.  Seems like all we will get with Age of Extinction is the same old beam from the sky slow motion bass drop tropes that we have come to expect from a Michael Bay film.  Will this film Make a Billion Dollars World Wide? Yes, Will I be there opening weekend? Probably, Why? At this point I don't know I guess just the simmer of hope that this semi-reboot can rekindle a bit of the magic of the first Transformers film from the Summer of 2007!


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