Check it out: Side Show Reveals new Dr. Doom Premium Format Figure

          We teased it last it and now Side Show has finally revealed and put up for pre-order a piece high end Marvel Collectors have been waiting a long-time for a 2nd Dr. Doom Premium Format Figure.  Find more images, the price, pre-order information, and release information after the break.....

      Well Side Show Freaks for the most part it looks like the long wait for a 2nd Doom Premium Format was worth it.  As far as the tailoring and sculpting I would say this version captures Doom just as well or possibly better than the 1st Doom Premium Format which now will cost you over $2000.  The only let down here is the base it seems a bit generic compared to Doom's throne from the first figure.  If you want this sure to be grail piece you can pre-order it now at SideShow for $389 and BBTS for the same price.  Sideshow is currently expecting this figure to ship May 2015 which seems a bit optimistic, but should give you plenty of time to Doom off via flex pay if you need that option.


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