Epic News: E3 Ubisoft Conference 2014

Okay so Ubisoft is probably the company I have the least connection with but I must say their conference started off with a bang and ended with an even bigger bang! Find out what I thought after the break.....

WARNING: Not All content is appropriate for all audiences.

Far Cry 4

The conference began with this trailer and we had no clue what was coming. It just blew me away! This is a definite buy for me!

Assassin's Creed Unity

We already saw some of this game (the co-op gameplay) in Microsoft's conference but Ubisoft showed us what the single player gameplay would look like. There are a ton of side missions that you can just walk into. You chose to peruse or not. Sign me up!

Valiant Hearts

This game was just breath taking! There aren't many WWI games out there and with the beautiful art work of this stylized adventure game, gamers will learn and connect with characters in a very powerful and unique way! I will play this one!

Rainbow 6 Siege

As I said earlier multi-player and co-op are the buzz words for today and this game is all about it. One of the things this gameplay trailer showed us was the use of perma-death. Also the ability to create sight lines by destroying your environment. It just looked really cool!

Honorable mentions and unknowns

The Division
The Crew
Shape Up
Just Dance 2015 (enjoyed the live dance on stage!)



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