Epic News: Guillermo Del Toro announces Pacific Rim 2 for 2017 and New Animated Show

               Legendary Director Guillermo Del Tor made a lot of Geeks happy in the above video when he announced not only a Pacific Rim 2, but a new animated Pacific Rim show.  As of now Pacific Rim 2 is set to release on April 7th 2017, with the animated show to debut sometime before then.  The first Pacific Rim was one of our favorite films of last year, and to hear that a Director who rarely does sequels like Del Toro will step back into that truly original world he crafted is truly epic news.  Also intriguing is the prospect of an animated show between now and then, hopefully it will serve to be familiarize the general public with the concepts of Pacific Rim and begin to get younger viewers interested in the property.  Remember the first film was a hit overseas but not as much in the United States, taking only $101 million in the States and a whopping $309 Million in foreign markets  

So are you guys as stoked for a Pacifc Rim 2 as we are? What are your thoughts on a Pac Rim animated show let us know in the comments!


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