Epic News: Jared Leto may play Dr. Strange

          Yesterday we found out that Scott Derrickson would Direct Dr. Strange for Marvel Studios, now we know who might potentially play the magical surgeon.  Rumor is that Academy Award Winner from his supporting role in last year's Dallas Buyers Club: Jard Leto may play The Sorcerer Supreme for Disney.  I am not too familiar with Leto's work, but anytime you talk about Academy Award winning talent portraying a Super-Hero that cant' be too bad.  Imagine if Marvel moves forward with a science-fiction horror genre mash-up with an actor as talented as Leto in the lead.  That would certainly go a long way in restoring fan's faith in the studio after the departure of Edgar Wright from Ant-Man.  People who are more familiar with Leto, is this a good fit? Let us know in the comments!


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