Epic News: Rian Johnson will Write and Direct Star Wars Episode 8

     The man who brought us Looper will Direct the next installment in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Episode 8 currently scheduled for release in 2017.  If Lucas Film and Disney were not going to stick with JJ Abrams who took on the massive job of relaunching the Saga then their is better option than Johnson.  As evidenced by films like Looper and Brick the Director should bring something a little bit different to the saga while still maintaining it's mythos.

Update: It also looks like Johnson will not only direct Episode 8, but will write the script.  Not only that, but Johnson will go on to at least pen a draft for the Episode 9 script however we have no information on whether or not he will also direct Episode 9 currently scheduled to hit theaters in 2019.

Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you think about Rian Johnson taking over the reigns from JJ Abrams for Star Wars Episode 8.


  1. Crap... I want a little consistency with those 3. Bring in all the other directors for the stand alone films.

  2. Well Chuck their is a rumor going around that Johnson will not only direct Episode 8 like the article says but that he is writing it and will go on to pen Episode 9. The question is will he also direct Episode 9, some people seem to think he will bu we can't get any confirmation of that. If he does direct and write both Episode 8 and 9 that will give the back end of the sequel trilogy a lot of consistency, at this point we just have to wait and see.


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