Epic News: Rocksteady Reveals Arkham Knight Batmobile, but delays the game until 2015

                  Rocksteady has revealed two new images of the much hyped Batmobile in Arkham Knight, but they have also anounced that the game expected this October has been delayed until sometime in 2015.  The company has not released any information on the cause for the delay.  As sad as I am to see the delay as this is really the only non shooter or sports game I am looking forward to, I would rather The Dark Knight's video game finale be epic rather than rushed.  Arkham Knight is a guaranteed system seller for both the Xbox One and PS4 so Exec's at both companies will be singing Batman Smells instead of Jingle Bells this Holiday season!


  1. Yeah, this game is the reason I will buy an X1 or PS4, so I am fine with the delay, as I need to save up my pennies!


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